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Enya – Now We Are Free Lyrics 1 year ago
@[pacal11501:31429] This is not an Enya song. Lisa Gerrard is the artist. People assume anything that sounds like Enya is Enya. So you were correct. This song is mis-categorized. Unless Enya did a cover, that I am not aware of...

Dido – All I See Lyrics 2 years ago
I love the lyrics. Dido sings, but Pete has a rap that sums up my own feelings about being stuck in my parents' drama.

Dido's father passed away semi-recently (around the time I lost my own father) and her albums around that time was very therapeutic for me. I can sense her (and Pete's) own stuck ties to family garbage in this song. It's nice to have something to relate to. Tried to run away from the drama, but it catches up to you. You end up echoing the past and have to face it. And it is such a surprise... because you thought you were doing the right thing... just move on and get away — do your own thing. But it seems you're not allowed to try to just wipe it away. So sad and scary!

The Azoic – Conflict Lyrics 2 years ago
The lyrics here are mostly correct. Even the album's liner notes are a little bit off. But close enough that I won't correct it.

I first heard this song on Dance Dance Revolution. It was catchy and fun to dance to. It wasn't until several years later when I actually listened to the lyrics that I realized how important this song would be to me. It's in my "bad parenting" list of songs; it shows how as a child you can be deceived and a pawn in the games of the 'adults' in the family. It messes you up for life. :(

The Azoic – Truth Lyrics 2 years ago
The meaning is self-explanatory, but oh my gosh does this song inspire! I love the driving message and it has been a song I go to when down in the dumps. This group is fantastic and I can't believe more haven't commented on their songs. The many remixes are fantastic as well. This song and "Conflict" are two of my all-time favorites in this music genre.

The Alan Parsons Project – Don't Hold Back Lyrics 2 years ago
No comments on this song yet?

Interesting track on this album that seemed to be dividing the men and women of the species.

This track had a lot of influence on me as a prepubescent girl. It has an ethereal quality to it and is really uplifting.

This song also seems to imply some mysticism of a woman as well as encourage her to not just live in her head - but to be more outward in their life. Don't be so passive. Don't let others control your life (especially men). It also lets a woman know she is not isolated or alone.

Richard Marx – Hazard Lyrics 3 years ago
Regardless of the video, which seems to suggest the Sheriff killed Mary in order to pin it on the singer -
I believe the singer killed Mary, unable to keep his evil ways under the radar, no matter how much he wanted to. Mary was naive and didn't understand how deranged he really was. He killed the only person who could "rescue" him ("all of my rescues are gone... long gone"). He blames how his life did him wrong, instead of feeling remorse.
Such a cool story in a song. Multiple interpretations, of course, are out there!

Sunscreem – Love You More Lyrics 3 years ago
This song sounds happy and catchy and dance-y.

However, it's defiance - not happiness. She is angry. She is defiantly stating you can never MAKE me love you more. No matter what he does to her. And yes, this is implying incest and rape. But it could be any authority figure a young girl looks up to.

"You can turn wine into water"

This above statement is opposite and mixed up. It's not a Jesus reference because he turned water into wine. This is stating the opposite.
I read that as things are messed up, are not as they should be, and are not the expected outcome.

The first stanza/verse:
You can make the sun turn purple
You can make the sea turn turtle
But you know you can never make me love you more
You can turn wine into water
Turn sadness into laughter
But you know you can never make me love you more
This one is "You" as a pronoun. I picture this as a young girl. A grown man (dad) can be silly and winning her trust through play. But the symbolism is there if you look:
The sun is a symbol for father figure. The color purple is a symbol for royalty but also power and wisdom. He has the power in the family, and over her. The sea are her tears and the turtle is symbolism for protecting herself. A turtle carries with it a home to retreat in - a hard shell.
On first listen, the first verse sounds a bit fun and lively. But there is a deep dark secret.

The second verse/chorus:
Let the sky fall down, let the leaves turn brown
Still you know you can never make me love you more
Let the redwoods die, let the wells run dry
Still you know you can never make me love you more
This verse starts to show the depression part. The girl is growing more depressed because something isn't right. Her sky is fallen. The leaves aren't brilliant and she's in a state of autumn. She's dying and turning barren. The strong and mighty redwood is dying. She can't cry anymore. Her well has run dry. But she still loves him because she thinks she should.

The third stanza/verse:
You can make dew into diamonds
Or pacify the lions
But you know you can never make me love you more
You can make me dance to order
My sex hung, torn, and quartered
But you know you can never make me love you more
Diamonds: "In short, diamonds represent faithfulness, love, purity, innocence, and relationships filled with love." ( Dew: "In folk magic throughout the world dew is considered important in healing and medical cures, especially of the female reproductive system." (
Pacify (to turn off or make quiet) the lion - the lion is the ruler of the jungle. This could be read in two ways. To calm down the ruler of the house (man). Or she is pacifying her own strength or trying to stop the predator.
I think the rest is obvious... but this means that it is becoming more obvious to her what is happening. She's older and understands better the dysfunction, but she still loves him.

The fourth verse/chorus:
Let the new day hide, leave the scars inside
Still you know you can never make me love you more
Let the rain poor down, let the valleys drown
Still you know you can never make me love you more
Her scars are literally internal, easy to hide. Her emotions are raining down. Symbolism of a Valley: "The image of the valley carries with it the promise of fertile lands, exaggerated activity and a safe haven for human life. Furthermore, this sanctified geographical womb implies an invitation into sexuality, love and ultimately, family. All in all, we seem to be witnessing a desirable and secure plain of existence. However, the reality of the valley is divided by the mountain dwellers who were perhaps removed from the fertile plain or simply denied unmolested entry, due to a lack of force or social standing. In this sense, we find the archetype of the valley of shadows and the biblical terminology of the valley of death (into which 600 men rode and alas, never returned)." (
Fertility? Womb? I think we get it.

The fifth stanza/verse:
We can make the sun turn purple
We can make the sea turn turtle
But you know you can never make me love you more
We can turn wine into water
As fathers rape their daughters
But you know you can never make me love you more
The pronoun is now "We". Same premise as the first verse - but there is a collective responsibility. She even announces it now - FATHERS RAPE THEIR DAUGHTERS. Hello! Wake up people. This shit happens.

The sixth verse/chorus:
Let the sky fall down, let the leaves turn brown
Still you know you can never make me love you more
Let the redwoods die, let the wells run dry
Still you know you can never make me love you more
Yeah you know you can never make me love you more
This is another repeat of the depression that she will always carry with her. The song doesn't end on a summery note - or even spring - the leaves are still brown. The redwood (sequoia tree) represents wellness and safety, and have the ability to withstand disasters like fire and decay - but the redwood is dead - it couldn't withstand. She's broken. Her well is dry. There is no forgiveness. She cannot be made to love him anymore.

This is a very dark song with some heavy lyrics. It stood out to me back when I first heard it. Back then, I thought I'd misheard the lyrics because who would sing about that? However, I've adored the song. It spoke to me - more than just the great sound to it. But for a long time I didn't understand what drew me to the song. Until I started to remember... Same with a couple of other songs I'd run across that deals with the subject matter.
The sad thing is, it's reality. Girls are subjected to way too much sexual abuse. No one wants to talk about it. Men should be ashamed. Hell, boys are also sexually abused. Still - Men should be ashamed (as it is the men doing the abusing for the most part).

If only it would stop.

Fall Out Boy – Centuries Lyrics 3 years ago
I actually agree with all of the interpretive meanings. It makes sense in a lot of context.
My personal interpretation is just how things go to hell as a young teenager (or sometimes sooner) and mistakes that are made during this angsty hell can creep back up in your life forever. The mistakes haunt and get passed down if not dealt with.
I think it's fitting that the sample used is by Suzanne Vega ("Tom's Diner"). However, I'm going to make a leap here and connect this song to her other song, "Luka", which is about the child who asks the other person to ignore the abuse they've gone through.
Unfortunately, there are a whole generation of children of children who grew up a certain way, who had a certain set of circumstances that bred abuse and neglect, who grew themselves grew up to pass on a certain set of new circumstances that bred the type of violence that is showing up more in school shootings, etc.
There is a collective emotional devoid that has been passed down. I'm not sure where it started, probably around the time of the 20th century industrial revolution that took parents out of the home much more than has been in the past.
This will only continue as children are born into un-nurturing homes due to the need to work your life away in order to not starve to death.
Instead we're starving for affection and recognition - but it ends up being the wrong source. But we don't know it until it's too late.

Eminem – The Monster (feat. Rihanna) Lyrics 3 years ago
Huh... I thought instead of "That's nothing"... they were singing "That's not fair".
Guess that speaks to what I want it to say... hehe.

Honestly, now I hear both.

Sia – The Greatest Lyrics 3 years ago
How come I hear, "I'm free to be the greatest, I love you" instead of "alive"? I would never have guessed the word alive in a million years, even when listening with headphones.

Mike Posner – I Took a Pill in Ibiza Lyrics 4 years ago
@[Italia8989:16461] I, too, wondered what the pop song was! My mind was going far back - like Mike and the Mechanics or something. I had to google it since I wanted to know. I came up with an article that addressed this as people want to know what that song is. It turns out it's himself - that he had these pop hits in 2010 and now it's 5 or 6 years later and they barely remember that he had other hits. :)

Disturbed – The Sound of Silence (Simon & Garfunkel cover) Lyrics 4 years ago
While I feel that there are several interpretations in this song, it feels like people see this as an echo of society. It is such a crescendo that I tend to agree.

This song hit me on its simplest level - a more literal interpretation, if you will...

Verse 1
The narrator is damaged with their own memories. Darkness is their "friend" because it accompanies them often. Their sleep is disturbed. They can't get rid of the images they are burdened with - probably from youth.

Verse 2
This person has grown up with their secrets. They find the world cold and lonely. Then they come upon a tavern with its beckoning neon lights.

Verse 3
In this busy but desolate place, people are mingling but never get to say what they should say. They are ignoring their problems and drinking (and other things) instead. People talking without speaking = people who can be read even though they do not talk (people sitting alone, slumped at the bar, for example). People hearing without listening = people who don't LISTEN. These people are preoccupied with their own hang ups and don't process what's being said all around them. No one dares disturb the unspoken pact not to tell their truths and disrupt the so-called comfort of their own and others' silence. No one dares ask, how can I help? They can't help themselves - how can they help others?

Verse 4
The man narrating sits among all these people, who share his pain, held within themselves. He is bitter and can also recognize that they are all in the same boat. They are ignoring their deepest pains - not letting anyone else in.
The more they do not speak of them, the more they get passed on and multiply - like a cancer.
This man wants to speak up.
He wants to console the others.
But he is stuck in his own silence and he can only cry instead.
His tears are not heard, "echoes in the wells of silence"

Verse 5
The people keep their worship over the drinks that helps (questionable) them feel better. The neon lights light up a promise of light and happiness. It's draw is loud, but the real source of healing are in the words that can be shared with the fellow men who suffer in the "poor" society. If only they'd share their voices! But their cries written on the walls (literally 'speaking' in silence) are not heard and are often erased before people can see them (they are 'graffiti' and are not 'proper'. But they're cries for help and to be seen.

That is me reading between the lines.

Dido – Grafton Street Lyrics 4 years ago
This feels like she's singing this amidst visiting her dying father in the hospital, which is on Grafton Street. Or maybe in a hospice. He's bed-bound and she's staying long with him while people come and go to visit and pay respects and goodbyes. She takes trips to her car to call her friends for support for herself to relay she doesn't know when it'll be (that he'll pass on).
I love this line: "And time we always lose is finally found here with you". It says all the time we meant to spend with our loved ones is forced upon us when imminent death lay before us.
After he's passed on, there is no more continually visiting on Grafton Street. Via his death, they have made their peace between one another.

Disturbed – The Sound of Silence (Simon & Garfunkel cover) Lyrics 4 years ago
The arrangement of new instruments and Disturbed vocals have totally given a new vibe to this song. It has more darkness and urgency to the message. The beginning evokes melancholy and a sense of being beaten down. The bridge and final roar of the end of the song evoke a warning and scolding to all of us, for not heeding the signs of the breakdown of morals in society. The timpani and the lead singer's voice are earth-shakingly awesome. I do love Simon and Garfunkel's original, but to me, this has topped it.

Bob Seger – Fire Lake Lyrics 4 years ago
One of my top favorite Seger songs. I've always pondered about the metaphors taking place in this song, and reading the comments shows that there is a lot of room for varying themes. I can see them all being plausible. Again, that's what makes the poetry of lyrics so amazing - in them we all feel we belong.
What draws me in more are the harmonies. The final outtro with Glenn Frey and Don Henley is SO AMAZING. Listening to this song evokes an ethereal factor for a "rock" song. Perfect ending to this album.

Over the Rhine – Days Like This Lyrics 4 years ago
Such a calm, beautiful song.

It's good for lazy Sundays and for reflecting upon your life.

I also think it would make a beautiful wedding-themed song. She just wants to wake up to see her loved one next to her. On her wedding day, she is beginning a new life. She wants to take in the day, where loved ones show to see them off on this new beginning. She reflects on those who couldn't be there (family, friends) who have passed on before the day. She wants to let go of past regrets and live honestly from this point on. After all, getting rid of baggage would be healthy and reflects on the sky "such a clear blue" - which is metaphoric for a clean slate and clarity.
Would make a great wedding video song!

The Monkees – Jericho Lyrics 4 years ago
Love this improvisation between Micky and Peter on the Headquarters album.

Dev – In My Trunk Lyrics 5 years ago
I'm glad I found the lyrics for this song. It's a great tune, I love Dev. However, until now, I though the words were: "I got the dumpits in my trunk".... which give a whole. new. meaning. LOL

The Monkees – Early Morning Blues And Greens Lyrics 5 years ago
This songs says to me "I'm heart-broken and weary" which fits perfectly with my day today. I had to say my goodbyes to a loving companion.
This song is the drudgery of trying to move on in the sludge of the pain and heartache. The rest of the world moves on, happily supplying new and tender life.
It's only time and acceptance that can help heal. :(

Dido – All You Want Lyrics 7 years ago
My take on this song is similar, but a little bit different.

The narrator misses her ex (husband? boyfriend?) but he obviously was the one to screw up. They had everything. They loved each other. He ruined it not only by being unfaithful - but that unfaithfulness let to an unplanned pregnancy. He can never come home. It will never be the same. She taunts in the beginning that she can "sleep what side" she wants, but she has no one to hold due to her indescretions. SHE suffers the most by his indiscretions.

There could be some play on words here. Her "watching him sleep at night" could be construed as her being a little over-bearing - maybe explaining why he had his tryst in the first place.

The next part, near the end (the bridge - so to speak) I believe is present tense:

" I hear your key turning in the door,
I won't be hearing that sound anymore
And you and your sin can leave the way you just came in,
Send my regards to her
I hope you've found that

All you want, is right there in that room, all you want
All you need is sitting there with you, all you want"

He has come back to see her and he brings "his sin" - his child. I don't believe he's in a relationship with the woman he slept with - but is doing the right thing by being a father to the child. He tries to make amends with the narrator and brings the child. This re-stings the narrator (this part is more of a crescendo) and she tells him to leave and not come back. "All you want is right *there* in *that* room, is sitting *there with you*, all you want". She tells him he left her long ago, for what he created that one night. No going back. She won't hear him turn the key in the door anymore.
This last part explains further why the phrase "all you want is here in this room" - he's back to try to be with her. But she reminds him - no, all you want is *there* in *that* room - where the child is.
I'd be P.O.'d too!

Milk Inc. – Time Lyrics 7 years ago
Great song off of the album "Closer". The beats in this song are epic. Reminds me of "Never Again" which is one of my favorite Milk Inc. songs.!

The meaning is the classic "why can't we just keep things as they once were" and lamenting the winds of change. Everyone can relate.

Bronco – Amor Salvaje Lyrics 9 years ago
It was wild
as a wild romance
and ended in tragedy with love
for my horse to heaven
flew and flew.

He was the owner
most coveted in the filly
but a wild colt came
to try to steal your love.

It was a battle
ruthless and relentless
was a duel to the death
defended my faithful horse
his horse to fall.

With a sigh he said goodbye
and heard a sad whinny
undertook mad gallop
a ravine and rushed.

The enemy won by luck
but did not receive their prize
because I seek the death horse
to reach his love

Faithless – One Step Too Far Lyrics 9 years ago
Ahhh, amazing tune. Both inspirational lyrics and a infectious beat. I love these guys so much.

My favorite bit is Maxi's "if the sun or the moon should give way to doubt, they would immediately go out". Like poetry.

Everly – Maybe Lyrics 9 years ago
Maybe I was wrong
Maybe I was looking in all the wrong places
Maybe I was wrong
Maybe I was searching in all the wrong places

If I knew that you were coming here for me I would have stayed in one place
If I knew that you were coming for me I would have made my peace

Maybe I was wrong
Maybe I was dreamless and full of suffering
Maybe I was wrong
Everytime you said you love me I went running
On my own

But I can see now, I'm coming home
I see now, I'm coming home

Maybe I was wrong
Maybe I was looking at all the wrong faces
Maybe I was wrong
Maybe I was searching in all the wrong places

If I knew that you were coming here for me I would have stayed in one place
If I knew that you were coming for me I would have made my peace

But I can see now, I'm coming home
I see now, I'm coming home

Over the Rhine – Snow Angel Lyrics 9 years ago
No comments on this gorgeous song? I'll be the first, as I sit and drown my sorrows in the song, sitting alone on Christmas Day.

"Goodbye to this cruel wicked world
And all the tears I've cried"

The above lyrics speak to me and, though I know I've not experienced the loss of a loved one in a war, this song fills me with deep empathy at the pain it conveys. But there is a twinge of hope in the song for the afterlife, without the physical and emotional pains of life on Earth.

It is that lack of pain and sorrow that I look to right now. Merry Christmas everyone.

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