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A Woman Breaking Up With Her Employer
:D I'm quitting my job finally that has give me a LOT of heartache. I've suffered with an imbicile manager with no people skills, and a co-w...
24 4
Alan Parsons Project
Eve and hits
13 0
Alice and her Wonderland
39 4
Australian Playlist
I have an album (given to me by an old acquaintance) of Australian artists but didn't know their names or song titles! I love them all and u...
4 1
Boyfriend #1
14 0
Boyfriend #2
26 0
Boyfriend #3
36 0
Boyfriend #4
35 0
Boyfriend #5
12 0
Break the Chains
9 0
Conversations With God
7 0
Psychotic? A Lil' Loopy? Need Counseling? Just songs that touch on the subject.
28 0
Dance With the One that Loves You?
11 0
Doggett/Scully Relationship Mixtape
X-Files. Best unrequited relationship ever.
13 0
12 0
27 0
Father Passing
Songs dedicated to the memory of my father who just passed on... I miss you dearly. He has gone on to be with Mom and is happy now.
19 2
Favorite Christmas Music
My favorite Christmas tunes. Most are not conventional. While there are some classics (like Lennon and Ono), there are more unusual artists,...
25 3
Favorite Clubbing Jams from 1994 to 2000 something???
Back in college in MY day. Way back before Y2K and all that. Yes, I'm old. These were my favorite dance tunes at da club.
47 0
27 3
Friends With Benefits
A soundtrack - to go along with a true story. Fun while it lasted. Kinda tragic, really. But we all move along. As Alanis says, you've "wash...
28 0
Fringe Mixtape - Songs For A Fringe Soundtrack
I've been listening to my music collection to find relevant tunes for a FRINGE soundtrack and ideas for fan-vids.
7 0
18 0
The temptation of another.
12 0
Independence Day
Various forms of independence.
15 0
It's My Life
17 0
Meditation - New Age
Gorgeous songs to chill out to, relax, or meditate to.
8 1
23 0
9 1
Moving On
3 0
Music and Its Film
Goodness via the film.
12 1
Music As Inspiration
Songs that mention music as an inspiration, music moves them, keeps them alive. Kinda like me!
26 0
Mustang In Music
Songs - and there are many - that mention a Mustang! I mean specifically the car, folks. Hmmm... Seems many from my collection are missing....
22 0
There are too many songs with Susan, Sue, Susie, Suzanne, Suzie, etc. in them. I like them and hate them at the same time! I'm only going to...
45 0
Songs about parenting. Songs to a parent. About a parent. Y'know.
30 0
Pisces, Neptune, and Mystics
Songs that evoke deep subjects of depression, drugs, suicide, and ethereal pull of the ocean, sea, rain, and snow.
48 2
Pitfalls of Celebrity
12 0
Scorpio, Pluto, and the Underworld
Dark, sexy, vengeful and taboo songs.
14 2
Snare Drum
Looking for songs that feature the Snare Drum - bonus if it is also patriotic (for whatever country) or militaristic.
2 1
Songs For MY Funeral
My personal list for songs at my funeral. I will no doubt need to add lyrics and/or artists to complete this.
22 0
Spanish Language
19 1
Speak Up ... or Not
Songs that are about the gift and curse of being silent.
33 2
State of the World
18 2
Suicide Songs
Songs that I know and like that reference suicide and a similar theme. These are personally identifiable to me.
28 0
Summer Mix
Songs about summer, the sun, and enjoying the beach life! All genres included, all decades included, all languages included!
74 2
Tempting Fate
6 0
Terribly, Terribly Deceived
Fictional band name: The Travelling Grave. Album title is "Terribly, Terribly Deceived". Quote: "The secret of life is to appreciate the ple...
18 0
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