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The Jimi Hendrix Experience – Manic Depression Lyrics 16 years ago
Of what's already been posted, I agree most with renataa. He's sick of his relationships (and probably failures) with women, and all he has left is his music.

The Beatles – All Things Must Pass Lyrics 16 years ago
Actually, I think that it's not exactly that all good things will end. It's more just that, as the title says, _all_ things must pass. The good things we have will eventually fade away, but so will the bad.

The Beatles – Why Don't We Do It in the Road? Lyrics 16 years ago
Actually, there's a 2003 Darwin Award given to two people who answered this song. If you want to read it, go to the url below and click on the fourth choice, Love Struck.

Bob Dylan – Like a Rolling Stone Lyrics 16 years ago
Bob Dylan is the greatest. He can sing better than anyone in the world.... TO sum up is the greatest

John Lennon – My Mummy's Dead Lyrics 16 years ago
I have to agree with AntBMSU. This is easily the best song from Plastic Ono Band, and probably the best Lennon solo song of them all. It's the most direct song I've ever heard.

The Beatles – The Word Lyrics 16 years ago
Props to TeddyB for being right on the ball. This song is basically another version of All You Need Is Love. The messages of the songs are the same: love is the basis of life.

The Beatles – Get Back Lyrics 16 years ago
The parody is in fact sung by John.

The Beatles – Two of Us Lyrics 16 years ago
The "I Dig a Pygmy" bit is what John says at the beginning of the song on the Let It Be version. Paul edited it out for Let It Be... Naked.

The Beatles – The Long and Winding Road Lyrics 16 years ago
First: Abbey Road was recorded after Let It Be, but released before Let It Be.

Second: The Naked version of this song is much better than the normal Let It Be version, in my opinion.

Third: I've always seen this song as being about a man reminiscing over a nasty breakup in his past, and how he'll never forget it.

The Beatles – One After 909 Lyrics 16 years ago
It was one of the first songs the Beatles (the then Quarry Men) wrote, along with Michelle and Love Me Do. But it wasn't recorded until Let It Be. I think it's the best song on that album.

Coldplay – Shiver Lyrics 17 years ago
I think it's funny that when a guy feels this way about a girl, if she feels similarly about him, it's "sweet" and stuff like that, but if she doesn't, it seems really creepy and stalker-ish. It's all in the eye of the beholder, I guess.

Metallica – For Whom The Bell Tolls Lyrics 17 years ago
The book is actually about an American dynamiter who has lived in Spain, and the Spanish Civil War breaks out. He is sent over to destroy specific targets for the Republic, and this target is a bridge. He works with 2 guerrilla bands, and one of them (made of 5 people) goes and steals horses because they don't have enough for everyone. But they did it during a snowstorm, and the snow stops. They are tracked and surrounded on a hill by a squadron of cavalry and are eventually all killed, but not without a fight. I think the first verse is about that battle.

The second verse, however, is probably about the actual blowing of the bridge. The dynamiter blows the bridge, but in the retreat, his horse is shot and collapses on top of his leg, breaking it. He lays on the forest floor, debating about whether to kill himself to keep from being captured and tortured. And then an enemy officer walks into view, and the book ends.

Led Zeppelin – The Battle of Evermore Lyrics 17 years ago
Personally, I think the song is just a collection of mythological "final battles." And the Battle of Pelennor Fields is one of those battles that Led Zep thought worthy of including. And warnerj is pretty much right from what I read of his post. Tolkien said his books weren't allegories, but they were supposed to be applicable to everybody's life for all time.

And a little nit-picky detail... I almost forgot the ram was named Grond after Morgoth's mace. Thanks for reminding me, warnerj.

And a quote that describes the mood of the whole song:
Aurë entuluva!
(Hurin's battlecry at the Nirnaeth Arnoediad, meaning "Day shall come again!)

Led Zeppelin – Fool in the Rain Lyrics 17 years ago
First off, the Samba part does have lyrics, which aren't up there. They should be after "Clouds the light of the love that I found."

Ooh, hands on the clock
They just don't seem to stop
While you're thinking it over

Ooh, Time and a light
They just don't seem to shine
I get away, get away

Ooh, I see in my dreams
But I just don't seem to be
I gotta get out
Gotta get out, gotta get out
I gotta get out

RuthlessBrad, you call yourself a baby? I'm still in high school. I have a somewhat similar story. I never used to listen to music at all. I hated it because all my sister and mom used to listen to was that crappy pop stuff. But two summers ago, I got really bored and decided to try and work my dad's record player. I pulled out a random record, which happened to be The Beatles Greatest Hits 1962-1966. I listened to that and fell in love with the Beatles. Then I was sorting through the records to see what there was and I found an album without a name by Led Zeppelin (obviously Led Zeppelin IV as I found out later). I had heard of them, so I figured I should try them out. I now love Led Zeppelin. Then my friends recommended Pink Floyd, Black Sabbath, Queen, and The Who, so now I am basically 90% classic rocker, 10% metalhead.

Led Zeppelin – Babe I'm Gonna Leave You Lyrics 17 years ago
First off, in my Led Zeppelin piano/guitar book, the credits for this song are "Words and Music by Anne Bredon, Jimmy Page and Robert Plant." Not "Traditional Arrangement by Jimmy Page and Robert Plant" (such as for Gallows Pole). So Led did write it themselves.

About the lyrics, I've always seen it two ways. One is the more obvious, the man who has to leave a girl but doesn't want to. Everyone else here seems to have covered that one, so I don't need to explain it again.

The other is a darker, much more depressing variation of that. Throughout the song, Plant is singing about how he has to leave not only this girl, "But I got to go away from this place..." However, he doesn't really want to leave her. Just the place. And he also keeps referring to how he's being called "home." Home is a very common metaphor for heaven. And he says that "one day," things will be good again. They will be together eventually and "walk through the park every day." They will be in a paradise together. In this interpretation, he's planning on killing himself.

I like the first one better. Much better. But I thought I should share the second one anyway.

Metallica – The Four Horsemen Lyrics 17 years ago
In Rev 6 (according to the Bible I'm looking at now), the four horsemen listed in order are:
Conquest (on a white horse)
War (on a bright red horse)
Famine (on a black horse)
Death (on a pale green horse)

Death is the only one actually named, but the others are described. The reason Pestilence is sometimes put on the list is that Death was "given authority over a fourth of the earth, to kill with sword, famine, and 'pestilence', and by the wild animals of the earth."

That's what the Bible says about the four horsemen. Metallica has the authority to say whatever they want about them. I mean it's a song.

Black Sabbath – The Sign Of The Southern Cross Lyrics 17 years ago
This is possibly the most underrated Black Sabbath song ever. It's also possibly their most epic song ever. I think the song is about not conforming and being your true self.

"If there isn't light ..."
I think the first verse means that no matter what, what we say or do will always reflect how we feel and what we believe to some extent. And that other people can see what's inside us by our actions. To some extent, we can't wear a mask of conformity and "coolness" all the time.

"Fade away..."
Fade away from the false happiness of being "cool" and be yourself. Society puts so many useless limits on us, and we need to get around those and show the world who we really are.

"On a small world..."
This part is describing a paradise. As soon as one good thing ends "the summer falls," another begins "there's a rainbow..." This paradise is actually an emotional and mental one. It is the happiness we feel when we our ourselves.

"If an echo doesn't..."
If when we are ourselves and are rejected, then we are disappointed, of course. However, our disappointment won't obstruct us, because few people will even notice it unless you bring it up.

"And it's the sign..."
The Southern Cross is a constellation seen only in the Southern Hemisphere, which is sought by people from the Northern Hemisphere who can't see it back home. It is barely visible to the naked eye, but it is still there. The Southern Cross is a metaphor for the true happiness that we feel when we are our real selves. We are the northerners, and we have to go quite a long way just to find it, and even then we have to look hard for it. But, like all the stars in general, it is definitely worth looking for. The stars are actually quite beautiful. Just like true happiness.

"From the book..."
Young people are the strongest because they haven't been corrupted by the horrors of life and society. Young people are more likely to be able to be themselves because society isn't completely done warping us into machines. This has been said by many other people, but none of them are remembered specifically for saying that. Society is trying to crush their voices about non-conformity.

"Reach above your dreams..."
We need to look outside our own selfish desires and help the people who need our help the most.

"Don't live for pleasure..."
This, like the "fade away" part, tells us not to fit in, but to live life to the fullest and be yourself whenever you can.

"Eight miles high..."
This is a warning. What goes up must come down. And if you forced other people down on your way up (which it seems is implied here), then no one will want to help stop your fall. They would probably prefer to laugh at you in your agony.

Queen – Fight From The Inside Lyrics 17 years ago
This song is about not giving in to societal pressure to become "just another picture on a teenage wall" and to conform. You have to fight the urge to cover your real self with the mask of "fitting in." And that fight is on the inside. If you want to be able to be yourself, "You gotta Fight from the inside."

Led Zeppelin – Ten Years Gone Lyrics 17 years ago
RightWing4String, I can see where you come from on those two lines about death. Even though we can change how we get there (the course), we always end up in that situation. However, that's not what it means to me. To me, it's more that some things are beyond our control. We can change the course, but we can't change the fact that some things will happen.

Black Sabbath – Walpurgis Lyrics 17 years ago
Yeah, it is. That's why I made the comment about it almost being as good as War Pigs. It's the same music but with different, much darker words. And they probably also changed the lyrics so people wouldn't think they were completely psychotic.

People can be dumb at times. As soon as you mention Satan or 666 in a song, they automatically say it is supporting satanism, even if it says something like "Satan sucks and he'll ruin your life," sort of like this song is.

Iron Maiden – Hallowed Be Thy Name Lyrics 17 years ago
...I think that when you die you're pathetic to the point that you'd say anything to get salvation (that's the reason most of the old people go to church and most of the young people don't). -dylanrocks

IMO, the reason most young people don't go to church is because they find it boring or found it boring as a child and never went back. The older people never had instant gratification when they were young, so they don't care if it's boring; they still go anyway.

But anyway, the man in the song is going to be executed, as many people have said, and he is reflecting on his life. But I think that when he says "I'm not sorry" he actually means that he's not sorry that he's dying. If you look at the next line "Catch my soul cos it's willing to fly away," it makes sense. He would rather die than stay in the hell that we call prison. But at the end, he realizes that death is only a new beginning. That he still lives forever in spirit.

Queen – She Makes Me (Stormtrooper in Stilettoes) Lyrics 17 years ago
Obviously, this guy is completely in love with this girl. But how the heck did Queen come up with the second half of the name: (Stormtrooper in Stilettoes)? It says nothing about any stormtroopers, and Star Wars hadn't even been made into a movie when Sheer Heart Attack was released... Oh well.

Queen – Brighton Rock Lyrics 17 years ago
I love the beginning of the song as on Sheer Heart Attack. The guitars rising out of the fair sounds just creates a really cool effect. Possibly the best beginning of a Queen song ever.

Mr. Badguy, when you say "Brian May's finest hour," do you mean playing or writing? As far as playing, definitely. But I think he wrote a better song, which would be the Prophet's Song. But that's just my opinion.

As for the lyrics, it's quite obviously about a holiday love.

Black Sabbath – Die Young Lyrics 17 years ago
First off, after listening to the middle part several times, I think it says "fall," not "fair." But anyway, I think this is about how you might, umm I don't know, die young maybe? And you should live every day like it's your last. Live life to the fullest. You might not have a tomorrow to do what you were planning...

So live for today, but tomorrow never comes

Black Sabbath – Master of Insanity Lyrics 17 years ago
WOW! No one's commented on such a great song in the 3 1/2 years that it's been on here. That's a shame. I LOVE the bass/guitar riff at the beginning, it's just so dark and Sabbath-esque. It ROCKS!!!!

But about the lyrics.... I think it's about someone who is very evil and deceptive, and two people come to mind, Satan and Charles Manson, his spawn. (Sorry, but I couldn't help the reference. I'm a Beatles fan too, and I HATE HIM!!! He ruined some of their better songs.) And the evil, deceptive person is always trying to take control of more and more people. But he appears to be quite pleasant on the outside, which is what makes him so dangerous.

Queen – Don't Stop Me Now Lyrics 17 years ago
Child of Music, this song was released on Jazz in 1978. I remember reading somewhere or other that Freddie was diagnosed with AIDS in the mid to late 80s. Maybe I'm wrong, but that's what I thought. And birbeck, Freddie announced that he had AIDS the day before he died (R.I.P.), so he couldn't have denied it the *day* he died, but he did publicly deny it until the day before. That does mean that he knew for at the very least his last 2 days, but probably lots longer. But I do agree with everything else you said. Not all of Freddie's songs are about AIDS, being gay, dying, or whatever else they're stereotyped to be about.

Anyway, this is just an awesome song. I think it's about just going out and having fun, living life to the fullest, as lots of other people evidently think. I need to do that some more... ;-)

The Killers – Change Your Mind Lyrics 17 years ago
This song is definitely one of the many, many, many songs that describe me or how I feel. :-P I have a huge list of those that I won't post. But about the song itself, in my opinion, Jonesyfan got it right.

Black Sabbath – Walpurgis Lyrics 17 years ago
Great song. Almost as good as War Pigs :-P Obviously this song is about satanists, but the question is, what about satanists? I think the guy telling the story was captured by the satanists and they are sacrificing him. A priest comes and tries to save him, but the priest, and the man, die.

Don McLean – American Pie Lyrics 17 years ago
A few comments on the posts above:

1. Atticus420, if you're still checking these posts, you're a jerk. This forum is for saying what the songs mean to you. The only people wrong on this site are those who say that someone else's interpretation is "wrong," unless someone specifically states a FACT that is false, not an opinion you believe to be false.

2. Does anyone actually read through the posts before posting themselves? Many of the posts are exactly the same, and the author of each makes it sound like they're the first one to say what they said. At least read and say "I agree with..."

3. skotfree, not all religious people try to promote religion everywhere they go, and not all people talking about religion on this site are religious themselves. I'm very religious, but only a few things that I have said on here are what I would call "religous" comments.

As for the song itself, it is pure genius. Don McLean was a great musician and lyricist, and American Pie is a great lament over the downfall of what McLean considered to be the best music of all time. IMO, that music was great, but not the best.

Bob Dylan – Ballad of a Thin Man Lyrics 17 years ago
Does anyone think Mr. Jones was suicidal? I personally don't, but a man named John Lennon thought so, considering that in Yer Blues by the Beatles, there is a line that goes:

I feel so suicidal
Just like Dylan's Mr. Jones

I think he's just a typical arrogant, upper class (maybe) conformist. Not suicidal. Any thoughts?

The Beatles – Yer Blues Lyrics 17 years ago
The lyrics to this song are very self-explanatory, except for one little detail.

I feel so suicidal
Just like Dylan's Mr. Jones

Why the reference to Ballad of a Thin Man by Bob Dylan? I couldn't find anything in the lyrics to that song that hinted that Mr. Jones was suicidal.

Queen – Who Wants To Live Forever Lyrics 17 years ago
OMG!! It pisses me off when people say "Oo, Queen song - must be about being gay or AIDS." Or "Oo, Beatles song - must be about drugs." Just because Freddie had AIDS and was gay (or at least bi) doesn't mean every Queen song is about that!

On a more relevant note, I agree with the Romeo & Juliet thing. It makes a lot of since.

Queen – Is This the World We Created...? Lyrics 17 years ago
Yes, this song does make you stop and think. Not only are we destroying the world by abusing our power, but we (First world societies) absolutely refuse to give up just a little bit of power, money, time, whatever it takes to save people who really need it.

John Lennon – How Do You Sleep? Lyrics 17 years ago
It's sad that John felt the way that he expresses in this song. But does anyone have any thoughts on what he means in the first line?

So Sgt. Pepper took you by surprise

I don't know.

Black Sabbath – Killing Yourself To Live Lyrics 17 years ago
I agree with Zoso and koenig. To me this song is about how society makes us suffer so that we can survive, but we can't truly live. We all need to stop surviving and start living.

The Killers – Mr. Brightside Lyrics 17 years ago
I think the "coming out of my cage" line means that he's finally introducing himself to the world - he used to be a real loner. He meets a girl and falls for her. Except there's one problem: she already has a boyfriend. So every time he sees the boyfriend or hears mention of him, he imagines these extremely vivid images of them together ("it's all in my head"), and it kills him inside because he loves her so much but can't have her.

Queen – Life Is Real (Song for Lennon) Lyrics 17 years ago
Simon and Garfunkel did that a lot too, with really calm melodies and harsh lyrics. At any rate, great song. Life is all too real, and Lennon's death shows that.

Queen – I Go Crazy Lyrics 17 years ago
He's torn. He hates her enough to want to kill her, but he loves her too. That's what I think anyway.

George Harrison – Isn't It a Pity Lyrics 17 years ago
Wow is right, and not just about the song. I like your interpretations. Although it could just be more general relative to ourselves, that we can break other people's hearts so easily; that we are so incredibly greedy with the one thing that lasts. This society is incredibly restricting on love, and it truly is a pity.

Black Sabbath – Iron Man Lyrics 17 years ago
I just thought of something else. Look at the song in a more general perspective. Then it's simply about a guy who tries to help the world, but they don't care. Eventually he gets tired of getting rejected, so he takes all the hurt he feels and gets revenge by hurting them, as in "kills the people he once saved."

What do you think about that?

Black Sabbath – Iron Man Lyrics 17 years ago
MetallibangeR, you're a dick. I bet a lot of the people who have posted on here and haven't referred to the Jesus story are Christians, and obviously at least 1 of the people who referred to it is NOT Christian. I myself am Catholic, but I don't think this song is about Jesus. Don't stereotype Christians as always trying to say something about Jesus every chance they get. By definition, stereotypes are almost never true, because there really isn't a "normal" anything. But anyway, I think this song is about the guy going to the future, coming back, etc.

Queen – We Are The Champions Lyrics 17 years ago
WHY?!?!? Why do so many people think all Queen songs are about being gay? Just because their lead singer was gay doesn't mean everyone else in the band wrote songs about being gay too. The people who think that are the same people who think all Led Zeppelin songs are about LotR and all Beatles songs are about getting high!! It annoys me so much.

Anyway, I think this song is about overcoming your obstacles in life. It really inspires me to not give up.

Queen – We Will Rock You Lyrics 17 years ago
Thank you to the select few who are actually using this site correctly and posting what you think about the lyrics!!! I think the three verses do refer to the same person, and he is considered a disgrace by society because he's trying to not conform.

Paul McCartney – Band on the Run Lyrics 17 years ago
Personally, I think this song is about the Beatles and how everyone was keeping them in the spotlight after they broke up and trying to force them back together. And yes, Paul is definitely a LIVING legend. :-P

The Beatles – Yellow Submarine in Pepperland Lyrics 17 years ago
Wow. Just wow. Why would you post a song without lyrics on a site like this?

The Beatles – Let It Be Lyrics 17 years ago
Mr.Snow, I would like to point out that Socialism is NOT between Capitalism and Communism. Communism is a subsection of Socialism with a dictatorship government. Anyway, I think this is one of the most comforting songs EVER! I listen to this, Hey Jude, and Blackbird whenever I'm depressed. I didn't know about Paul's mom either, but it doesn't surprise me a bit.

Led Zeppelin – Kashmir Lyrics 17 years ago
I agree with ledskynyrd, this is the BEST Led Zeppelin song EVER!!! I love the part where it goes "Oh, I been flying... mama, there ain't no denyin', I've been flying, ain't no denyin', no denyin'" The glisses are AWESOME!!!!!

The Beatles – Helter Skelter Lyrics 17 years ago
There was a documentary on CBS in May called "Helter Skelter" about Charles Manson. As someone said earlier, according to the special, he thought Revolution Number Nine referred to Revelation Chapter 9 in the Bible. This chapter talks about 4 angels with iron swords or shields or something, which Manson interpreted as guitars, and that the Beatles were those angels. Creepy, yet cool.

The Beatles – Day Tripper Lyrics 17 years ago
when i first heard this song i thought it meant somethin like what ryanilano11 said- that its " about a whore...a prostitute"

The Beatles – Eleanor Rigby Lyrics 17 years ago
i think one of the most confusing lines in this song is "darning his socks in the night when theres nobody there." does anyone have anything to say about that line?

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