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The Ataris – Song For A Mix Tape Lyrics 16 years ago
i love this song! if someone made me a mix tape with stars all over it... i think i would die! it would be too adorable!

Weezer – Oh Lisa Lyrics 16 years ago
ahh i love this song! its my favorite by weezer... mainly because my name is lisa, haha. ::feels lame::

Relient K – Sadie Hawkins Dance Lyrics 16 years ago
Sitting in the back of my next class napping.
Got up, gave a speech, then bowed to the clapping.
Told a funny joke got the whole class laughing.
I think I got a tan from the light in which I was basking.

haha... thats my favorite part of the song, i can totally relate. man i *heart* relient k... they make me smile!

Sleater-Kinney – You're No Rock N' Roll Fun Lyrics 16 years ago
hahaha such an awesome song! i suggest downloading it.

Transplants – Tall Cans In The Air Lyrics 16 years ago
punk gone hip hop... interesting... not sure what i think about it yet... it makes me wanna jump around though ::smiles::

Stone Sour – Bother Lyrics 16 years ago
i have a lot of maggot friends that are obsessed with corey taylor and slipknot and hate staind... but if you ask me this sounds like a staind style song...

Bright Eyes – If Winter Ends Lyrics 16 years ago
this song is amazing... just purely amazing... he describes how i feel during winter... wow... makes me want to cry...

Teen Idols – 20 Below Lyrics 16 years ago
i love the girls voice in this song... and i can totally relate to this song *sigh*

Avril Lavigne – Complicated Lyrics 16 years ago
synfault... i sensed sarcasm in aglobalthreats comment... take a joke...

Avril Lavigne – Losing Grip Lyrics 16 years ago
i HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE avril the poser... but this song is pretty good lyric wise... i can relate to it... i guess everyone has to atleast have one good song, right?

Brand New – Seventy Times 7 Lyrics 16 years ago
wow... this song and "theres no i in team" by TBS own!!!!!!! so fucking powerful... ahhh i love it!!!!!

The Used – A Box Full of Sharp Objects Lyrics 16 years ago
does anyone know if this song is really about self-mutilation? thats what i got out of it the first time i heard it... but im not sure... awesome song though!

Tokyo Rose – I Love You... Too Lyrics 16 years ago
i must admit i saw it coming
the air between us
had gotten harder yet to breathe
i'd run away if i could help it
but i can't remember to forget your face

wow... just wow...

No Use For A Name – Dumb Reminders Lyrics 16 years ago
such a great song with simple lyrics... aw i love this song! anyone who hears it can relate in some way...

Free Fall Astronaut – A Boy With A Pen And A Piece Of Paper Lyrics 16 years ago
does anyone know where i can find this song? ive been searching but i cant find it anywhere!

Britney Spears – E-Mail My Heart Lyrics 16 years ago
email my heart? what a lame-o...

INOJ – Let Me Love You Down Lyrics 16 years ago
hahaha this is my summer of 2002 song!!!!! ive been hearing on the radio like everyday!!!! wow gotta love it!!

Zebrahead – Now Or Never Lyrics 16 years ago
i cant believe no one has commented on this song... aww i love it! it was the frist song i heard by zebrahead... i think... it was either this or "playmate of the year"... but anyways i love this song and zebrahead!!!!

'Cause what you want is right there on the TV screen.
And you be down with what they sellin'.
MTV got everybody yellin'.

that part of the song is sooo true... everyone is selling out these days! stupid teeny boppers...

Yellowcard – Drifting Lyrics 16 years ago
same with picopunk28... aww i *heart* yellowcard!!!!!

Something Corporate – Konstantine Lyrics 16 years ago
this song is sooo beautiful and sooo amazing... it leaves me speechless everytime i hear it... i love it!

Yellowcard – October Nights Lyrics 16 years ago
"Tear me off a piece of blanket
Keep me warm and we can make it
Here's my heart, I'll let you break it
Touched your skin and I can't take it"

oh my god... i love this song... its my favorite by yellowcard, reminds me of my ex... wow love sucks...

Finch – Frail Lyrics 16 years ago
one of the most beautiful songs ive ever heard... i *heart* finch!!! i agree with clumsiest1... makes me feel like crying... *sigh*

Mirah – Cold Cold Water Lyrics 16 years ago
i think these lyrics might be wrong though... i thought she said "how tough it is to be in love" not delicate... but i could be wrong

Mirah – Cold Cold Water Lyrics 16 years ago
favorite song by Mirah... aww her voice is soo pretty!

Kid Rock – Black Chick, White Guy Lyrics 16 years ago
i cant even imagine being in that situation...

Rent – La Vie Boheme Lyrics 16 years ago
favorite song from rent its just so funny and i love singing along with it!!!!!

The Starting Line – The Best of Me Lyrics 16 years ago
aww this song is so cute! it reminds me of my boyfriend... shit i love him... and this song! cant wait til july 16th for the full length!

The Riddlin' Kids – I Feel Fine Lyrics 16 years ago
wow i was listening to this song when i checked out the "latest comment" and there is was! I LOVE THIS SONG! its the first ive heard from the riddlin kids but its soo awesome! i agree with punks r us, thats my fav part too!!!!!

Something Corporate – Babies Of The 80's Lyrics 16 years ago
oh wow i grew up on side pony tails, care bears, under the umbrella tree, FRAGGLE ROCK and all that other good stuff!!! i even had bright pink jelly shoes, wow that 80s were the shit and so is this song!

Box Car Racer – There Is Lyrics 16 years ago
wow this song is so powerful... i read the lyrics wayyy before i heard it and almost cried cuz i could relate soo much and then when i heard the song, call me lame but i actually did cry... and like liquidenvy said, it reminds me of my boyfriend and how great he is and how much i love him!

Box Car Racer – And I Lyrics 16 years ago
i agree with littlelostemoboy and his interpretation... this is my favorite song on the cd i just think the beat and Tom's voice make it so powerful and it stands out more than the rest to me.

No Doubt – Making Out Lyrics 16 years ago
Gwen is beautiful and who cares if their music changed, you cant expect a band to ALWAYS play the same type of music, they grow.
and now apparently you cant drink tea and be tough...? WHO CARES WHAT YOU DRINK?! gah people like you just piss me off... and what difference does it make what kind of pants shes wearing? ok she wears boyish pants (ive never seen her do that but whatever you say) that doesnt mean shes not a girl and cant sing like one!!!!!

No Doubt – New Lyrics 16 years ago
i always thought this was a love song but after reading these comments and re-reading the lyrics it could be about ecstacy or any drug... i guess it just depends on how you look at it.

No Doubt – Magic's in the Makeup Lyrics 16 years ago
wow... the first time i heard this song i started crying. as lame as it sounds, but i could totally relate. we all put on "makeup" sometimes and fool people into thinking that were something were not. i cant even put into words how much this song means to me...

The Pettit Project – Simple Song, Simple Plan Lyrics 16 years ago
everytime i listen to this song, i fall in love with it more!

Nothing To Lose – On My Own Lyrics 16 years ago
i love this song!!!!!

*and if im not your type now
ill change that so i am*

such a cute love song...

Lagwagon – Smile Lyrics 16 years ago
wow this is the best song to listen to when youre pissed at your friends :-) like now!!!

Dry Cell – So Long Ago Lyrics 16 years ago
ive never heard this song but the lyrics are really powerful and i can totally relate to it right now so i think im definitely gonna have to download it!

You're the sunlight on my face
And you're the one I can't replace
Everything just seems to fall apart without a trace

thats exactly how im feeling...

Ill Niño – What Comes Around Lyrics 16 years ago
this song is so powerful... the first time i heard it i got hooked, i can relate to everything hes saying.

Tokyo Rose – Chasing Fireflies Lyrics 17 years ago
aww i love this song... it makes me sad and happy at the same time. its about not letting your childhood go to waste and to just live it up before you get too old and regret not doing anything with your life.

Aaliyah – Loose Rap (Feat. Static) Lyrics 17 years ago
i love this song! something about it just sticks out to me everytime i hear it! rip aaliyah!!!!

New Found Glory – Hit Or Miss Lyrics 17 years ago
i think this song is about a guy and his best girl friend that he had feelings for but never told her and now she has a boyfriend and hes pissed...

Groove Theory – Tell Me Lyrics 17 years ago
hahaha... i love this song!

Britney Spears – I Love Rock 'n' Roll (Joan Jett cover) Lyrics 17 years ago
STOP WITH THE COVERS! write youre own fucking music! oh what the hell her music and her singing other peoples music both suck all the same. what an insult to the people that write these songs...

Britney Spears – (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction (Rolling Stones cover) Lyrics 17 years ago
this is an insult to the rolling stones...

The Pettit Project – Simple Song, Simple Plan Lyrics 17 years ago
aww such a cute song... its so funny how everyone can semi relate to it too!

Simple Plan – Addicted Lyrics 17 years ago
the first time i heard this song was last night when i was at the pop disaster tour. i have a bunch of simple plan songs on my computer but i somehow forgot this one, its awesome! ive had it stuck in my head all day! i gotta get the cd...

Tokyo Rose – Third Semester Lyrics 17 years ago
awesome song... it means so many different things though... well to me anyways.

Blink-182 – Time Lyrics 17 years ago
amen to phyxius... i totally agree!

KoЯn – All In the Family (feat. Fred Durst) Lyrics 17 years ago
hahaha this song is so hilarious, i love it!

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