(guy): Her locker's down the hall. I've counted seventeen from mine.
(girl): Does he see me? Does he even know that I'm close by?
(guy): We're in the hallway always at half past nine.
(girl): Would he ever get to know me? Would he take the time?
(guy): Just need to find a way to break the ice, then I'll be fine.
(girl): How to initiate, to set the tone and catch his eye?
(guy): I ask my buddy. He's got a simple plan to try.
(girl): I'll ask his friend I know and maybe get him on my side.
(friend): Simple song, simple plan.
(guy): I'll walk up and grab her hand?
(friend): You don't have to say a word.
(guy): 'Cause if I did I'd lose my nerve.
(friend): You like her...
(guy): ...and she likes me. We'd make eachother's lives complete...
(guy and girl): ...but if this is so simple, why are we so scared to meet?
(guy): Dressed in that hoodie she looks so cute that I could die.
(girl): Was it worth it? I picked these clothes with him in mind.
(guy): I want to tell her so, but I'd stop breathing...I'm too shy.
(girl): I wish he'd talk to me - I'd talk to him, but be denied.
(girl): Please tell your friend that I'm in love with him.
(friend): I'll tell my friend that you're in love with him.
(girl): And if he laughs just tell him you're joking..and then...
(friend): And if he laughs I'll tell him I'm joking and then.
(girl): ...just let me know, I'll cry myself to sleep. Alone again.
(guy and girl): We're both retarded for eachother, why is this hard? We're spending time being scared when we should be in eachother's arms.

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