Song Name   Comments
Beggin' You0
Breathe In Deep0
Broken Tonight1
Broken Tonight (Original Mix)0
Burned with Desire0
Burned With Desire (Vocals By Justine Suissa)8
Burned with Desire [Album Version]0
Burned with Desire [Brian Cross Remix]0
Burned with Desire [DVD]0
Burned with Desire [Original Mix]0
Burned with Desire [Rising Star Mix]0
Burned with Desire [Rising Star Radio Edit]0
Burned with Desire [Rising Star Remix]0
Burned with Desire [Rising Star Vocal Mix]0
Burned with Desire [Ronski Speed Mix]0
Burned with Desire [Ronsky Speed Remix]0
Burned with Desire [Video]0
Down to Love0
Empty State0
Empty State (Vocals by Mic Burns)0
Everything to Lose0
Face to Face0
Feels So Good0
Fine Without You2
Fine Without You [Video]0
Free [Olav Basoski's Bodyckeck Remix]0
Gipsy (Vocals by Ray Wilson)0
Going Wrong1
Going Wrong (Armin van Buuren's Extended Mix)0
Going Wrong [Acoustic Version]0
Going Wrong [Acoustic]0
Going Wrong [Album Version]0
Going Wrong [DVD]0
Going Wrong [Video]0
Golddigger (Vocals by Martijn Hagens)1
Hold On To Me0
I Don't Own You0
I Surrender0
I'll Listen0
I'll Listen (Original Mix)0
If You Should Go0
If You Should Go (Aly & Fila Remix)0
In and Out of Love0
In and out of love (feat. Sharon den Adel)11
In and out of Love [0
In and Out of Love [*]0
In and out of Love [Extended]0
In and Out of Love [Video]0
Love Too Hard0
Love You More0
Love You More (Feat. Racoon)3
Love You More (Vocals by Racoon)0
Love You More [Video]0
Never Say Never1
Never Say Never [Video]0
Never Wanted This0
Never Wanted This (Vocals By Justine Suissa)1
Not Giving Up on Love0
Shivers (Vocals by Susana)3
Shivers [Alex M.O.R.P.H. Red Light Dub]0
Shivers [Alex M.O.R.P.H.'s Red Light Dub]0
Shivers [Rising Star Remix]0
Shivers [Tribal Feel Mix]0
Shivers [Video]0
Simple Things (Vocals by Justine Suissa)0
Song for the Ocean [Instrumental]0
Sound of Goodbye0
Sound of the Drums0
Sunburn (Walk Through The Fire) (Vocals by Victoria Horn)0
Sunburn [Extended Vocal]0
Take A Moment0
Take Me Where I Wanna Go0
The Last Time [Simon Bostock Remix]0
The Sound Of Goodbye0
The Sound of Goodbye [Armins Tribal Feel]0
These Silent Hearts0
This Is What It Feels Like2
This Light Between Us0
This World Is Watching Me0
This World Is Watching Me (Vs. Rank 1, Feat. Kush)1
This World Is Watching Me [DVD]0
This World is Watching Me [Video]0
Turn This Love Around0
Unforgivable [First State Smooth Mix]0
Unforgivable [Video]0
Virtual Friend1
Wait For You (Song For The Ocean) (Vocals by Victoria Horn)1
Wall Of Sound (Vocals by Justine Suissa)2
What If1
Who Is Watching0
Who Is Watching? (Vocals by Nadia Ali)1
Won't Let You Go0
Yet Another Day7
Yet Another Day [Armin's Downtempo Interpretation Edit]0
Yet Another Day [DJ Shah Remix]0
Yet Another Day [DVD]0
Yet Another Day [Hiver & Hammer's Ground Control Remix]1
Yet Another Day [Original Mix]0
Yet Another Day [Original Radio Edit]0
Yet Another Day [Radio Edit]0
Yet Another Day [Rising Star Remix]0
Yet Another Day [Riva Remix]0
Yet Another Day [Video]0
Youtopia (Vocals by Adam Young)8