Mark Knopfler

One of the most celebrated British guitar heroes to emerge in the late 1970s and '80s, Mark Knopfler first rose to fame as the leader of Dire Straits, where his songwriting and incisive guitar work played a decisive role in ... Read more
Song Name   Comments
.38 Special0
5.15 A.M.12
A Happy Ending0
A Love Idea0
A Night in Summer Long Ago0
A Place Where We Used to Live3
A Walk in Paris0
After the Beanstalk0
All That I Have in the World0
All That Matters0
An American Hero0
Are We in Trouble Now1
As Low As It Gets0
Back on the Dance Floor1
Back To Tupelo4
Baloney Again6
Before Gas and TV1
Behind with the Rent0
Blood and Water0
Boom, Like That12
Boomtown (Variation Louis' Favourite)0
Border Reiver13
Broken Bones0
Brothers in Arms0
Cleaning My Gun9
Corned Beef City2
Daddy's Gone to Knoxville0
Darling Pretty2
Devil Baby3
Do America1
Don't Crash the Ambulance12
Don't Forget Your Hat0
Don't You Get It1
Done With Bonaparte4
Donegan's Gone0
Donkey Town0
Down Day0
Dream of the Drowned Submariner0
Drooling National0
Drovers' Road0
Early Bird2
El Macho3
Every Heart in the Room0
Everybody Pays5
Fare Thee Well Northumberland1
Father and Son0
Fear and Hatred0
Finale: Last Exit to Brooklyn0
Floating Away0
Florin Dance0
Follow the Ribbon0
Four in a Row0
Freeway Flyer0
Gator Blood0
Get Lucky0
Go, Love0
Going Home: Theme of the Local Hero0
Golden Heart4
Good as Gold0
Good On You Son0
Got to Have Something0
Gravy Train0
Guide My Sword0
Hard Cases0
Hard Shoulder1
Haul Away10
He's the Man0
Heart Full of Holes11
Heart of Oak0
Heavy Up0
Hill Farmer's Blues9
Home Boy0
Hot or What0
I Think I Love You Too Much0
I Used to Could0
I Will Never Love Again0
I'll See You in My Dreams0
I'm the Fool0
If This Is Goodbye2
In a Secret Place0
In the Heartland0
In The Sky1
Irish Boy0
Irish Love0
It's Over0
Je Suis Désolé0
Junkie Doll3
Just a Boy Away from Home0
Just Instinct0
Just One Time0
Kingdom of Gold2
Last Exit to Brooklyn0
Laughs and Jokes and Drinks and Smokes0
Let It All Go4
Let's See You0
Lights of Taormina0
Long Cool Girl0
Long Highway0
Lost on the River (Hank Williams cover)0
Love and Guilt0
Madame Geneva's2
Mademoiselle Will Decide0
Matchstick Man1
Meeting Under the Trees0
Metroland Theme0
Mighty Man0
Miss You Blues0
Morning Ride0
My Bacon Roll0
My Claim to Fame0
My Heart Has Never Changed0
New Laird0
No Can Do0
Nobody Does That0
Nobody's Child0
Nobody's Got the Gun2
Occupation Blues0
Oklahoma Ponies0
Old Pigweed1
Once Upon a Time... Storybook Love0
One More Matinee4
One Song at a Time1
Our Shangri-La9
Piper to the End14
Poor Boy Blues0
Postcards From Paraguay6
Potato Picking0
Prairie Wedding13
Pulling Down the Ride0
Punish The Monkey7
Quality Shoe1
Radio City Serenade0
Rear View Mirror0
Redbud Tree0
Remembrance Day2
Restless Farewell (Bob Dylan cover)0
River of Grog0
River Towns1
Romeo and Juliet (Dire Straits cover)0
Sailing To Philadelphia9
Sands Of Nevada2
Say Too Much0
Secondary Waltz0
Secret Place/Where Will You Go?0
She's Gone0
Silver Eagle0
Silvertown Blues7
Slow Learner0
Small Potatoes0
So Far Away (Dire Straits cover)0
So Far From the Clyde18
So Soft, Your Goodbye0
Song For Sonny Liston5
Sons of Scotland0
Speedway At Nazareth15
Stand Up Guy9
Storybook Love0
Stretching Out0
Sucker Row3
Summer of Love0
Sweet Dreams0
Tahitian Skies0
Tall Order Baby0
Terminal of Tribute To1
The Car Was the One0
The Céilidh and the Northern Lights0
The Céilidh: Louis' Favourite/Billy's Tune0
The Cliffs of Insanity0
The Fireswamp and the Rodents of Unusual Size0
The Fish and the Bird0
The Fizzy and the Still10
The Friends' Song0
The Last Laugh5
The Lily of the West0
The Long Road0
The Mist Covered Mountains0
The Next Time I'm in Town0
The Ragpicker's Dream8
The Reckoning0
The Rocks and the Thunder0
The Rocks and the Water0
The Scaffolder's Wife0
The Swordfight0
The Trawlerman's Song0
The Way It Always Starts (feat. Gerry Rafferty)0
There'll Be Some Changes Made0
Think Fast0
This Is Us (with Emmylou Harris)0
Time in the Sun0
Time Will End All Sorrow0
Today Is Okay0
Trapper Man0
True Love Will Never Fade2
Two Pairs of Hands0
Vic and Ray1
Wag the Dog0
Waiting for Her0
Watch Me Gone0
We Can Get Wild0
We're Going to War0
What Have I Got to Do0
What It Is18
When You Leave0
Whenever I Go0
Whistle Theme0
Who's Your Baby Now0
Whoop De Doo2
Why Aye Man3
Wild Mountain Thyme0
Wild Theme1
Working On It0
Yakety Axe0
Yon Two Crows1
You Can't Beat the House0
You Don't Know You're Born1