Song Name   Comments
A Few Words in Defense of Our Country0
A Father Makes a Difference0
A Few Words in Defense of Our Country5
A Fool In Love0
A New Day: 7:00 A.M.0
A Piece of the Pie0
A Wedding In Cherokee County4
Andy's Birthday (Instrumental) [Instrumental]0
Andy's Birthday [Instrumental]0
Back On My Feet Again2
Bad News3
Bad News from Home8
Basin Street Blues0
Beat Me, Baby0
Beehive State0
Bernie Calls Deanne0
Bernie Finds Deanne0
Best Little Girl0
Bet No One Ever Hurt This Bad0
Better off Dead0
Big Hat, No Cattle0
Birmingham [#]0
Bleeding All over the Place0
Bleeding All over the Place [Alternate Mix][#]0
Bless the Children of the World0
Blue Shadows on the Trail [#][Demo Version]0
Burn On7
Busting the Guys0
Buzz (Instrumental) [Instrumental]0
Buzz [Instrumental]0
Can't Keep a Good Man Down1
Christmas in Cape Town0
Christmas In Capetown0
Clocks [From the Paper]0
Cop Rock (Under the Gun)0
Crazy 'Bout My Baby0
Davy The Fat Boy1
Dayton, Ohio - 19033
Dayton, Ohio - 1903 [Early Version][#][*]0
Dayton, Ohio 19030
Dayton, Ohio, 19030
Dexter's Tune [From Awakenings]0
Dixie Flyer3
Doctor, Doctor [#]0
Easy Street0
End Title [From Avalon]0
Every Man A King1
Every Time It Rains1
Falling In Love2
Feels Like Home1
Feels Like Home [Live]0
Feels Like Home [Live][#]0
Feels Like Home*0
Follow The Flag0
Four Eyes0
Gainesville Florida0
Gainesville [#][Demo Version]0
Glory Train0
God's Song0
God's Song (that's Why I Love Mankind)4
Going Home0
Gone Dead Train0
Good Morning [#]0
Half a Man0
Hang Together (Instrumental) [Instrumental]0
Hang Together [Instrumental]0
Happy Ending0
Happy [#][Demo Version]0
Harps and Angels1
Have You Seen My Baby0
Have You Seen My Baby?1
He Gives Us All His Love2
Heaven Is My Home0
Heaven Is My Home [From Michael]0
Henry Goes to Work0
Henry Leaves With McDougal0
Henry's Fired0
How Great Our Lord0
I Gotta Be Your Man0
I Love L.A.7
I Love to See You Smile1
I Miss You4
I Think He's Hiding0
I Think It's Going To Rain Today22
I Want Everyone to Like Me0
I Want You To Hurt Like I Do5
I Will Go Sailing No More3
I Will Go Sailing No More [From Toy Story]0
I Will Go Sailing No More [From Toystory]0
I Will Go Sailing No More [Soundtrack]0
I'll Be Home1
I'm Dead (But I Don't Know It)0
I'm Different2
I'm Dreaming0
I'm in Love Again0
I've Got My Mojo Working0
If We Didn't Have Jesus [#]0
If You Need Oil2
In Germany Before The War3
Infinity and Beyond (Instrumental) [Instrumental]0
Infinity and Beyond [Instrumental]0
Iris and Roy0
It's A Jungle Out There6
It's Money That I Love1
It's Money That Matters0
Jolly Coppers On Parade0
Kathleen (Catholicism Made Easier)0
Kevin's Party (Cowboy Gil) [From Parenthood]0
Knock the Cover off the Ball0
Korean Parents0
Last Night I Had A Dream1
Laugh and Be Happy0
Laugh and Be Happy [#][Demo Version]0
Laughing Boy0
Leonard [From Awakenings]0
Let It Shine [#][*]0
Let's Burn Down The Cornfield1
Life Has Been Good To Me0
Life Has Been Good to Me [*]0
Little Criminals1
Little Island0
Little Polenta Is Born0
Living Without You2
Lonely At The Top0
Lonely at the Top [From You've Got Mail]0
Lonely at the Top [Live]0
Losing You0
Louisiana 192711
Love Story0
Lover's Prayer2
Main Title0
Make up Your Mind0
Make up Your Mind [From the Paper]0
Mama Told Me Not To Come4
Marie [#]0
Marie [#][*][Demo Version]0
Marie [*][Demo Version]0
Marty and Henry0
Marty's in Trouble0
Masterman And Baby J1
Masterman and Baby J [#][Demo Version]0
Maybe I'm Doing It Wrong1
Memo To My Son1
More Clocks0
More Than Words Can Say0
Mr. President2
Mr. President (Have Pity on the Working Man)0
Mr. Sheep1
Mutants (Instrumental) [Instrumental]0
Mutants [Instrumental]0
My Country1
My Daddy Knew Dixie Howell [#]0
My Hero0
My Life Is Good0
My Little Buttercup [#][Demo Version]0
My Old Kentucky Home0
Naked Man4
New Orleans Wins The War0
Northern Boy0
Old Kentucky Home0
Old Man3
Old Man On The Farm0
On the Move (Instrumental) [Instrumental]0
On the Move [Instrumental]0
Only a Girl0
Opening [From Maverick]0
Penthouse Party0
Political Science11
Poor Me0
Presents (Instrumental) [Instrumental]0
Presents [Instrumental]0
Pretty Boy1
Prologue 1915-19230
Prologue 1915-1923 [From the Natural]0
Ragtime [From Ragtime]0
Real Emotional Girl4
Red Bandana2
Rednecks [#]0
Rednecks [Version]1
Relax, Enjoy Yourself0
Ride Gambler Ride0
Rider In The Rain0
Roll With The Punches0
Sail Away6
Sail Away [Early Version][#][*]0
Same Girl3
Sandman's Coming1
Short People26
Sid (Instrumental) [Instrumental]0
Sid [Instrumental]0
Sigmund Freud's Impersonation Of Albert Einstein In America0
Sigmund Freud's Impersonation of Albert Einstein in American0
Simon Smith And The Amazing Dancing Bear4
So Long Dad0
Soldier's Mission (Instrumental) [Instrumental]0
Soldier's Mission [Instrumental]0
Something Special0
Song For The Dead0
Stop the Presses0
Strange Things1
Strange Things [From Toy Story]0
Strange Things [Soundtrack]0
Suite from Pleasantville0
Take Me Back1
Texas Girl At The Funeral Of Her Father2
The Ballad of the Three Amigos [#][Demo Version]0
The Beehive State0
The Big One (Instrumental) [Instrumental]0
The Big One [Instrumental]0
The Blues1
The End Title0
The Final Game0
The Girls in My Life, Pt. 10
The Great Nations of Europe1
The Joke [#]0
The Majors: The Mind Is a Strange Thing0
The Natural0
The Natural [From the Natural]0
The Newsroom 7:00 P.M.0
The Old Farm 19390
The One You Love0
The Sun0
The Whammer Strikes Out0
The World Isn't Fair5
There's A Party At My House0
They Just Got Married0
Tickle Me0
Tickle Me [Live]0
To the Hospital0
Uncle Bob's Midnight Blues2
Underneath The Harlem Moon0
Vine Street0
Waltz for Evelyn0
We Belong Together0
We're Gonna Get Married0
When I'm Gone (Monk ending theme)1
When She Loved Me0
William Brown2
Woody and Buzz (Instrumental) [Instrumental]0
Woody and Buzz [Instrumental]0
Woody's Gone (Instrumental) [Instrumental]0
Woody's Gone [Instrumental]0
World Isn't Fair0
Wrigley Field0
Yellow Man0
Yellow Man [Live]0
You Can Leave Your Hat On0
You Can Leave Your Hat On [#][*][Demo Version]0
You Can Leave Your Hat On [Version]0
You Can't Fool The Fat Man0
You've Got a Friend in Me5
You've Got a Friend in Me (for Toy Story) [From Toy Story]0
You've Got a Friend in Me [From Toy Story]0
You've Got a Friend in Me [Instrumental]0
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