Hilltop Hoods

The Hoods, emcees Suffa and Pressure, along with DJ Debris are a groundbreaking Adelaide based crew who have single-handedly put Australian Hip-Hop on the commercial map not to mention the world stage. ... Read more
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7. What a Great Night [Instrumental]0
8. What a Great Night [Instrumental]0
An Audience With The Devil6
An Audience With The Devil Restrung0
Another World0
Breathe Restrung2
Chase that Feeling6
Chris Farley0
Circuit Breaker5
City Of Light9
City Of Light Restrung0
Classic Example0
Clown Prince8
Clown Prince Restrung0
Common Streets0
Conversations From A Speakeasy0
Conversations From A Speakeasy Restrung0
Down for the Cause3
Dumb Enough5
Dumb Enough?0
Elevation (RMX feat DJ Bonez)0
Fifty in Five4
Full Tilt Boogie0
Give It Up0
Heard Of Us0
Here come the girls0
I Believe2
I Love It3
Illusionary Lines1
Immortal Mc's0
Incoming (Interlude 1)1
Last Confession0
Laying Blame2
Left Foot, Right Foot4
Lights Out0
Mic felon2
Monsters Ball0
Monsters Ball Restrung1
Obese Lowlifes0
Obese Lowlifes Restrung0
Parade Of The Dead2
Powder The Monkey4
Recapturing The Vibe3
Recapturing the Vibe Restrung2
Recapturing the Vibe [*]0
Rent Week (feat. Funkoars, Vents and Briggz)1
Riding Under One Banner1
Roll On Up0
Running From The Storm0
She's So Ugly3
Shredding the Balloon0
Simmy And The Gravyspitter3
Still Standing1
Still Standing [Instrumental]0
Still Standing [Remix Instrumental][Instrumental]0
Stopping All Stations8
Stopping All Stations Restrung2
Super Official2
Testimonial Year1
The Blue Blooded3
The Calling1
The Captured Vibe2
The Certificate1
The Hard Road8
The Hard Road Restrung0
The Hard Road [*]0
The Hard Road [Instrumental]0
The Light You Burned1
The Nosebleed Section27
The Nosebleed Section [*]0
The Return0
The Sentinal8
The Sentinel0
The Soul of the Beat0
Tomorrow Will Do3
Walk On1
What A Great Night9
What A Great Night Restrung0
What I want Ft. Funkoars0
What The Seasons Change3
Whatcha Got?0
When I'm1
Working the Mic1
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