Ane Brun

Ane Brun is a songwriter, guitarist and vocalist, daughter of lawyer Knut Anker Brunvoll and jazz singer and pianist Inger Johanne Brunvoll, and the older sister of vocalist Mari Kvien Brunvoll and younger sister of ... Read more
Song Name   Comments
Across the Bridge0
Alfonsina Y El Mar1
All We Want Is Love0
Another World0
Are They Saying Goodbye0
Are They Saying Goodbye [Live]0
Are They Saying Goodbye?0
Balloon Ranger0
Balloon Ranger [Jetstream Mix]0
Balloon Ranger [Live]0
Changing of the Seasons1
Common Bird0
Dirty Windshield0
Do you remember?1
Don't Leave1
Drowning In Those Eyes0
Du Grater Sa Store Tara (English Version)0
Headphone Silence0
Humming One Of Your Songs3
Humming One of Your Songs [Live]0
I Shot My Heart0
I Would Hurt A Fly0
Laid In Earth0
Laid in Earth [Live]0
Lift me1
Linger With Pleasure0
Little Lights (feat. Syd Matters)1
Love & Misery1
Lullaby for Grown-ups0
Morning Theft0
My Lover Will Go1
My Lover Will Go [Live]0
My Star0
Oh Love0
On Off0
On Off [Live]0
One Last Try0
One More Time0
Queen And King0
Raise My Head0
Round Table Conference0
Rubber & Soul0
Rubber & Soul [Live]0
Rubber And Soul7
Shot My Heart0
Sleeping By The Fyris River1
Sleeping By the Fyris River [Live]0
So You Did It Again0
So You Did It Again [Live]0
Song No 6 [Live]0
Song No. 60
Song No.60
Such A Common Bird1
Take It Slow0
Temporary Dive0
Temporary Dive [Live]0
Ten Seconds0
Ten Seconds [DVD]0
Ten Seconds [Live]0
Ten Seconds [Sketches Version]0
The Fall0
The Fight Song1
The Light from One0
The Opening0
The Puzzle2
The Treehouse Song2
These Days3
This Voice1
This Voice [Live]0
To Let Myself Go3
To Let Myself Go [Live]0
To Let Myself Go [Malkyl Mix]0
To Let Myself Go [Norway]0
True Colors0
What I Want0
What's happening with you and him 0
Where Friend Rhymes With End0
Where Friends Rhymes with End [Live]0
Wooden Body1