California-based Saosin were one of the formative bands on the post-hardcore scene, and one of the first to embrace social media as a way of promoting themselves. Saosin burst out in March 2003 with their explosive ... Read more
Song Name   Comments
3rd Measurement in C43
3rd Measurement In C (Piano Version)2
Along the Shadow of Man0
Baby Girl16
Bury Me1
Bury Your Head51
Come Close28
Control and the Urge to Pray0
Count Back from Ten0
Deep Down1
Drinking from the Fountain0
Finding Home17
Fireflies (Light Messengers)17
Follow and Feel20
Hopeless Believing3
I Can Tell149
I Can Tell (Cove's version)3
I Have Become What I've Always Hated10
I Keep My Secrets Safe3
I Never Wanted To27
I Wanna Hear Another Fast Song6
I've Become What I've Always Hated3
I've Been Dying to Reach You2
Ideology Is Theft1
Illusion and Control0
Is This Real6
It's All Over Now10
It's Far Better to Learn45
It's So Simple13
Keep Secrets7
Let Go Control10
Lost Symphonies43
Love Maker3
Love Makers (Acoustic)1
Mookie's Last Christmas40
Move Slow3
New Angel9
No Angel (Demo 2005)1
No Angel/Hopeless Believing8
Nothing Is What It Seems (Without You)6
Old Friends0
On My Own11
Plays Pretty For Baby8
Racing Toward a Red Light0
Rap Party20
Say Goodbye6
Second Guesses0
Seven Years133
Seven Years (Acoustic)32
Show Me Yo Booty Hole46
Some Sense of Security14
Sore Distress0
The Alarming Sound Of A Still Small Voice8
The Secret Meaning of Freedom0
The Silver String1
The Stutter Says a Lot0
The Worst of Me3
They Perched on Their Stilts, Pointing and Daring Me to Break Custom37
Time After Time7
Track 1 (Some Sense of Security Demo)0
Translating the Name48
Uphill Battle27
What Were We Made For?5
Why Can't You See?4
You Never Noticed Me4
You're No Angel2
You're Not Alone109
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