Taking on seven years the holy ghost had left alone
Test my arms, kick like crazy
And I've been trying way to long
Only if he could push his way off to fight you
I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm not sure
Getting off my chest
The story ends

I would find a way without you
(Tell him his eyes see too clear)
That mistake was gold
I know that without you
Its something that I could never do
That was why staple the eyes and
Seven dates for me to sell machines
And tear on

Seven years you assured me
That Id be fine if I complied
Only push the way off to fight you
I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm not sure
Getting my chest the story now ends
I would find a way without you
(Tell him his eyes see too clear)

Don't treat me I'm to blame
Don't treat me like I ever accused you

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"Seven Years" as written by Lee Alexander

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Seven Years song meanings
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    General CommentThis song parallels The Scarlet Letter. Used that in an English presentation.

    7 years-span of the novel

    The holy ghost leaving...Dimmesdale getting Hester pregnant.

    I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm not sure...Dimmesdale always indecisive.

    Getting off my chest...He was always clutching his chest and may have put his own scarlet letter there.

    That mistake was gold...In the end they decide they love eachother.

    Seven years you assured me
    I'd be fine if I complied ......Dimmesdale says nothing and gets none of the punishment.

    Tell him his eyes see too clear...Chillingworth and perhaps God see right through Dimmedale
    gymnast3791on March 10, 2008   Link
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    General CommentThis song is an allegory of his unstable faith and his inability to fully put his trust in God. Possibly over a seven year period?

    "Test my arms, kick like crazy
    And Ive been trying way to long"

    This briefly suggests the test that he's had to endure in his life and how he feels it is God administering this test. Then,

    "I would find a way without you
    (tell him his eyes see too clear),"

    conveys his trying to do things without God, and totally losing his faith. However, "...his eyes too clear," lets you know that his faith is always haunting him, pulling him back.

    He feels as if he's being cheated, for one, which is why he can't totally trust God.

    "seven years you assured me
    that Id be fine if I complied,"

    suggests this. "I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm not sure" feeds right into his inability to trust God or not due to the circumstances that have come to pass.

    Finally, the last two lines are a dead give away to my idea that this is about his faith. They tell the listener that he feels remorse for not totally trusting God and also blaming him for the negatives that have occured in his life. He is begging for mercy.

    Truly amazing song, even though I'm not Christian. I missed out on "that mistake was gold," but that's pretty obvious, going by my analysis of the song. Good screams and good melody.
    nerdfileson April 15, 2004   Link
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    General Commentwow amazing...watch out for this band...i wouldn't be surprised if they blow up real soon...check out the acoustic version too...just sick
    Guernicaon June 25, 2003   Link
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    General CommentR.I.P saosin....the accoustic version of this song is beautiful...i'm not sure i agree with the claudio comparison though...
    aflightorememberon April 28, 2004   Link
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    General Commentsaosin didn't break up. anthony just left, but they are still continuing as saosin. also, anthony (former singer) has a new band called high and driving. their website is sorrowofstars.com/…. it includes members of zolof the rock and roll destroyer.
    austinWKon May 09, 2004   Link
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    General CommentaustinWK, thanks alot for the link i've been looking for his new band but to no avail! so thanks
    and nerdfiles, i like your interpretation very much your reasoning is completely valid and i couldnt agree more after reading your post
    Theftoffireon May 16, 2004   Link
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    General Commentthe acoustic version of this song is so amazing, so much power, so much emotion in it, i challenge you to find anything sung more felt that this.

    As for the meaning i think previous posts have been spot on
    lessthanthree3on May 23, 2004   Link
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    General CommentOriginal story by Anthony (singer):

    Maybe it'll be easier to get the meaning...

    "Taking on seven years that the holy ghost had left alone, assured that he'd be fine if he complied. To kick like crazy and test his arms, to see only if he could push his way off and fight. He yelled 'I've been trying way too long. I'm sorry, I'm not sure.' 'Tell him his eyes see too clear' said his mother, but he would find a way without her. These mistakes were golden to him, and he said 'I was right, but without you, I could never do it.' No longer would he staple his eyes and sell machines. 'I'm sorry, son. Don't think that I would accuse you. You're not to blame.' Getting this off my chest, the story now ends."

    theseventhyearon June 21, 2004   Link
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    General Comment^^^ what they said, definitely. (for you who dont understand---- its about a father leaving his family from the sons point of view)
    Saosin2451on July 02, 2004   Link
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    General CommentRight now, for Warped, dude from Story of the Year is helping them out w/ the vocals
    Chelseaon July 05, 2004   Link

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