Bonnie 'Prince' Billy

After his stints performing as Palace, Palace Songs, Palace Brothers, and under his own name throughout the '90s, by the end of the decade Will Oldham seemed to finally settle on the Bonnie "Prince" Billy moniker as the main ... Read more
Song Name   Comments
(Keep Eye On) Other's Gain0
A Beast For Thee6
A King at Night0
A Minor Place10
A Whorehouse Is Any House0
Afraid Ain't Me0
After I Made Love to You1
Agnes, Queen of Sorrow0
Ain't You Wealthy, Ain't You Wise ?0
All These Vicious Dogs0
Am I Demon?2
Another Day Full Of Dread2
At the Break of Day1
Be Still and Know God (Don't Be Shy)0
Beautiful Dreamer0
Bed Is For Sleeping3
Beware Your Only Friend1
Big Balls0
Big Friday0
Black Captain0
Black Dissimulation0
Blood Embrace5
Blue Lotus Feet0
Call Me a Liar0
Careless Love2
Cold and Wet0
Come a Little Dog0
Crying in the Chapel0
Cursed Sleep2
Death Final0
Death In The Sea0
Death To Everyone12
Do What You Will Do0
Door Of My Heart0
Drinking Woman0
Ease Down the Road1
Easy Does It3
Ebb Tide0
Even If Love4
Every Mother's Son0
Fall Again0
Fall and Raise It On0
For Every Field There's a Mole1
For the Mekons Et Al0
Forest Time0
Go Folks, Go0
Goat and Ram0
God's Small Song0
Going to Acapulco0
Goodbye Dear Old Stepstone0
Grand Dark Feeling of Emptiness1
Gulf Shores0
Happy Child0
Hard Life6
Heart's Arms1
Hey Little1
His Hands0
How About Thank You0
I Am a Cinematographer0
I Am Drinking Again0
I Am Goodbye1
I Am Still What I Meant to Be0
I Am the Sky0
I Called You Back2
I Came to Hear the Music1
I Confess (Kevin Loyne cover)0
I Don't Belong to Anyone0
I Gave You2
I See A Darkness34
I Send My Love to You0
I Will Be Born Again0
I Won't Ask Again0
I'll Be Glad3
I'm Loving The Street1
I've Seen It All0
Idea and Deed0
Is It the Sea?/My Home Is the Sea0
Joy and Jubilee0
Just to See MY Holly Home2
Just to See You Smile (Tim McGraw cover)0
Kiss Me Again0
Lay and Love2
Less of Me0
Lesson From What's Poor0
Let Me Call You Sweetheart0
Let's Start a Family (Blacks)0
Lie Down in the Light0
Lift Us Up0
Little Boy Blue0
Little Boy Blue 20
Love Comes to Me2
Love in the Hot Afternoon0
Love's Old Sweet Song0
Master and Everyone2
May It Always Be1
Merciless and Great0
Missing One2
Molly Bawn0
More Brother Rides0
Mrs. William0
My Home Is the Sea3
My Life0
My Life's Work0
New Gypsy0
New Partner1
New Tibet0
New Whaling0
Night Noises1
No Bad News0
No Match0
No More Rides0
No More Workhorse Blues0
No Such As What I Want0
Nomadic Revery (All Around)3
O Let It Be0
O Lord Are You in Need?0
Ohio River Boat Song0
One Day At a Time0
One With the Birds1
Only a Dream0
Only Someone Running2
Open Your Heart0
Polestar of My Life0
Quail and Dumplings0
Raining In Darling8
Rich Wife Full of Happiness0
Rudy Foolish1
Same Love That Made Me Laugh0
Silver Threads Among the Gold0
So Everyone3
Someone Coming Through0
Song For the New Breed4
Song of All0
Song of Most0
Southside of the World0
Stable Will0
Strange Form Of Life3
Take However Long You Want0
Teach Me to Bear You0
That's What Our Love Is0
The Brute Choir0
The Girl in Me0
The Lion Lair1
The Seedling2
The Signifying Wolf0
The Sounds Are Always Begging0
The Spider's Dude Is Often There0
The Sun Shines Down on Me (Kevin Coyne cover)0
The Way2
The Way I Am (Merle Haggard cover)0
The World's Greatest1
Then the Letting Go0
There Is Something I Have To Say0
There Will Be Spring0
Three Questions1
Time to Be Clear0
Today I Started Celebrating Again3
Today I Was an Evil One2
Troublesome Houses0
Under What Was Oppression0
Untitled (Ebb Tide)1
Viva Ultra0
We Are Unhappy1
Werner's Last Blues to Blockbuster0
West Palm Beach0
What Are You?1
What's Missing4
What's Wrong with a Zoo?0
When Thy Song Flows Through Me0
Where Is The Puzzle?0
Where Wind Blows0
Willow Trees Bend0
With Cornstalks or Among Them1
Without Work, You Have Nothing0
Wolf Among Wolves8
You Are Lost1
You Can't Hurt Me Now3
You Don't Love Me0
You Remind Me of Something (The Glory Goes)1
You Want That Picture1
You Will Miss Me When I Burn1
You Win0