Well this god damn car is broken down again looks like I'm sleepin' in the back and I'll be dreamin' of a better place only to call you in the morning with the same excuse again by the side of the freeway watchin' all the cars go by I think tomorrow will be the day I get my shit together and give up this crying game I've been here before I know I'll be here again I don't know why but it don't feel the same For one moment I can see clearly the weight of the world don't seem so bad then I find myself here right back where I started from again indecision's no solution the days that lay ahead so I begin to scramble in my head for the answers only to find myself shutdown by the same mistakes again lookin over my shoulder for the things that pass me by I know that tomorrow will be the same I'll find a new excuse to make the same mistakes again I've been here before I know I'll be here again so many wasted hours so many wasted intentions I beat myself up to survive I've got bullet proof feelings to stay alive If I could only find the time If I could only find a reason If I could only run this last leg first time around I wouldn't be stuck in another mess In another realm with the same old stress.

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    General Commentwow, they just described my life to a fucking T. this band = amazing.

    its basically about just when you think every thing is gonna be alright, life decides it wants to be funny and fuck you over and create some kind of bullshit problem to screw everything up...but for some reason you keep moving on.
    TooCloseToSeeon June 23, 2003   Link
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    General CommentI agree, but I also get the sense that the singer is stuck in a rut and feels like he's trying run on ice (i.e. not getting anywhere).

    Oh yeah, and something I really love is that he's not exactly whining in his lament, cause he blames himself as much as he blames the circumstances to his situation.
    TeflonBillyon July 07, 2005   Link
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    General CommentIt's about having a crappy life and trying to get your shit together. And it is evident "the weight of the world won't seem so bad" that once you get things back on track, life doesn't suck that much
    epicmikenomoreon June 14, 2010   Link

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