"The Running Board" as written by and Dimitri Minakakis Benjamin Allen Weinman....
Soft, soft fade
Circled around
Turn loose goodbye
Switch off
No attempt to look failure is king
Are we ready
Close those lips
Try to lose me three more times
Hush baby now don't say a word
(total fucking chaos)
6:53 and where are you?
Run home, run far
Throw your face in a pillow
Scream out what you can't
Fix that makeup cover your tracks
Yeah your an angel
Avoiding what games, games to play
Was it "less or more or more or less"
Wisk away the fear
Clear the air
Clear the air and slide
Closer to the edge
Say good night
Final curtain call
Switch off, goodbye.

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"The Running Board" as written by Dimitri Minakakis Benjamin Allen Weinman

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    General Commentthe girl will go on a date. the boy doesnt show up. the girl is now a loser. go to sleep instead of going out. its happened to her once again. pretty much what this song tells, except when you hear it, when you hear it, you sort of feel the anger for the hypothetical girl. kick some ass in dillinger pits.
    Luis VanBoyon March 06, 2002   Link
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    General Commentthat's a really good analysis, makes heaps of sense. But I think 'throw your face in a pillow' and 'say goodnight' wasn't implying sleep, if that's what u got from it.
    The pillow thing..you know how you scream into a pillow so you don't make any noise? Not...sleeping on the pillow. I'm probably wrong. But that's how i saw it.
    grooveygroveson April 19, 2004   Link
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    General Commentthis song is really weird! that time 6:53 keeps coming up. i either remember the lyrics and then look at the clock and it's close to that time or something else. tonight someone asked me at 6:53 and when i told it to someone in the morning he said it's 6:40 right now his time. weird...
    luminiscenton March 18, 2006   Link
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    My InterpretationI think it's about an unstable girl getting stood up on a date. At first she is sad, but is still hopeful that he'll arrive. As the night goes on logic tells her that he isn't coming, ('No attempt to look, failure is king'), but her optimism forces her to stay. But eventually even she must concede that it's not going to happen ('6:53 and where are you', although that would be a weird time for a date.) and she goes home, distraught ('Run home, run far'). She's naturally really angry ('Throw your face in a pillow. Scream out what you can't.') and she pretty much snaps. So she decides she's going to kill herself, but make herself look as pretty as she can before she does (Fixing her makeup). She takes her own life ('Say goodnight. Switch off, goodbye.'), leaving behind a beautiful corpse, feeling like a film star at the end of a tragic movie.
    aleksiempainenon January 14, 2014   Link

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