"I'll Never Be Lonely Again" as written by and Timothy Ferrell Andrew Volpe....
There's a star at the edge of the field where we kiss
Where I hold you and tell you I love you
And that star shines it's light through this young boys window every night
As I lay here, gazing, wishing for that love

But those young lovers' days are still far away
But if that star keeps consoling
I'll never be lonely again

On a hot Kansas night I pulled you in tight
And gave you the words I'd been holding
I gazed in you twinkling eyes, and kissed you for the first time
And I felt my life suddenly gain meaning

But since then, many days have pushed you away
But if that star keeps consoling
I'll never be lonely again

And my love, those lovers' days,
Now they're so far, far away

But if that star keeps consoling
Whomever you're holding
I'll never be lonely again

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"I'll Never Be Lonely Again" as written by Matthew Palermo Andrew Volpe


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    General Commenti like it....
    it's one of the songs that stuck out the most for me...
    like at first you think it's gonna be this sweet song about 2 people in love but, it then it becomes sad.
    mlfm256on December 29, 2010   Link
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    My InterpretationI think this is one of the most understandable songs from this album. The speaker is a man who's telling his love story, which has a melancholic vibe. The song also has a vintage sound, perhaps to make everything feel remote and romantic.

    In the first stanza, the speaker present us with an image (a field where he and his lover kiss), but we later discover he's only imagining it before falling asleep ("... through this young boy's window every night, as I lay here, gazing, wishing for that love").

    In the second stanza, we are told "those young lovers' days are still far away", meaning their love story hasn't happened yet.

    In the third stanza, the protagonist finally confesses his love to the girl and kisses her. He feels his life "suddenly gain meaning", so this girl is really important to him, because she gives meaning to his life.

    In the fourth stanza, we discover that "since then, many days have pushed you away". The girl was once close to the protagonist, after he confessed they probably were together, but now they're not anymore.

    However if that star, the one from the first stanza, keeps consoling the protagonist, it doesn't matter whom the girl is with now, he won't feel lonely.

    The star could have many meanings. My interpretation is that it represented his love. That's why in the first stanza it shone upon his vision of them kissing, and at the end it consoles the protagonist. This song is telling you that love itself gives life meaning. It doesn't matter whether that love is reciprocated or not. The fact that people are capable of feeling it is all that really matters. As long as you can feel love and affection, as long as you have a kind heart, you won't be lonely. Even if the person you love is no more with you.

    Honestly, this is probably the only song that consistently makes me cry.
    lofion November 28, 2017   Link
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    General CommentThis is the worst song on the album, it just didn't work well. Nice thought though.
    DarthDoomon December 05, 2010   Link

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