[There is a man in this world who has never smiled. You may know his tragedy, the later years by heart.
In the beginning there was a mother, father and a child. A troubled little silent boy whose life they were to destroy.
Known to us from this day on like his father, Caleb]

His mother came up with such a clever way to save the day with a little white lie.

He thinks he missed the point back then, but now he's grown to understand it, in a way.

"Father said "I'm sorry" only once, as I remember"
"The words were not meant to hurt, only destroy you, my stupid son..."
One person can make a difference, sometimes...
Just turn his head when the kid is still and has a weak neck.

Smiled at his funeral, "happy you're dead."

All his solutions, it seemed, were only problems in disguise
Glueing on his drinkin´ face, got ready to erase another day...

Mother was yet confident, although they had it tight, taught her son
At the end of every tunnel’s a little light.
It wasn't a lie, it was her hope, that everything would be fine one day
"He can fulfill his every dream, I’m happy as long as he’s not."

"I hate it and fear can't face it,
the child is not right, he's my greatest shame"
Go out, create thunder, and stand right under
That old apple tree
Where dead snakes let him feed on those

Lost hopes, all those kind words could hurt him even more, now
Somehow, lost one more way back home

Out on the lake, he rows towards a monster he should’ve been running away from, years ago.
The past had made him blind to the way he’d turned the pain into a way of life.

Followed his father, tucked him in, Caleb knows the trade.
He’s the portrait of a man his mother drew to hate forever.
She was a beast, a deadly saint, wrong in many ways
Wanted to keep up the charade, until the end waltzing together

Over the hills, under the sea,
Fighting the will, whole Universe
Why does a man driving a hearse
Live in fear, Gift and a Curse

Taking ´em out, taking ´em all,
Shooting the wall, over and out
When nothing moves, all’s well,
A decision he can find a way to live with
...and dried up flowers are so beautiful.
And it applies to all things living, and dead.
For that I serve my time... in my suite in Hell.

"Now I ring the bell to tell the world,
I'm ready when they bring out the soon to be dead against the wall ..."
This necessary evil has no heart
Flowers and people he will now enlace
A price he must pay serving a cold

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    My InterpretationI'm fairly certain I've got 90% of it figured out...

    SECTION 1 (begining - "happy you're dead")
    A couple had a baby. The baby had some head-issues.
    The dad hated and wanted to kill the kid for being weird.
    The mom comforted him with kind words and lies.
    Both parent had detrimental effects on his psyche in the long run.

    SECTION 2 ("drinkin' face" lines)
    The dad drank to ignore his problems with the kid.
    The drinking more than likely led to domestic problems.
    These furthered issues between the parents, and hurting the kid's mind.

    SECTION 3a ("Mother was yet confident..")
    The child and mother grew tight as the dad grew bitter.
    She promised that even though its bad now, things will be good one day.

    SECTION 3b ("He can fulfill..")
    At the same time, she hindered his developement as a person,
    keeping him dependent on her, implying she's a bit whacky too.

    SECTION 4 ("I hate it..")
    From the view of the dad; he's so ashamed of his messed up kid.
    I'm truly still lost on the apple tree lines..

    SECTION 5 ("Lost hopes..")
    The kid is SO messed up from the relationship with his parents,
    that nothing can really do him good, only hurt him worse.. "lost one
    more way back home" = one step further away from a normal life

    SECTION 6 ("out on the lake..")
    Idk why he was rowing, or where he was..
    Anyhoo, he's heading back towards his mother (the monster)
    His past has been so bad, he's losing his sense of right and wrong

    SECTION 7 ("follows his father..")
    His mother has convinced him to kill his father (he's a young man at this point)
    He follows him to bed and tucks him in.. and almost follows through,
    BUT due to hints in Don't Say A Word, I believe he chickened out,
    and his mom had to finish the deed..
    She acted like everything was beautiful now, and they'd live
    happily ever after but.. he got drafted

    SECTION 8 ("Over the hills..")
    He had to go all over the place in the war, doing awful things..
    Things that made him desensitized to killing, and showed him beauty in death.
    Now he's found a mindset (his alter ego) to help him do away with his mother.

    SECTION 9 ("Flowers and people..")
    He accepts that the world is cruel, and he's never going to be happy..

    I've got a few minor issues unresolved with the song.. but i think I'm mostly right.
    Jpak88on October 16, 2009   Link
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    General Commentthis is about those who are born in freedom without a mentor to guide them,
    those who need to learn facts to realize their potential,
    those who are not understood by systems,
    those who are touched by systems,
    those who get integrated into "machine city (from the Matrix)",
    and about those who must become their own teachers,
    we all have flaws when we enter into this world and grow up,
    to learn we must practice to read their meaning to experience wisdom,
    older generations are to us a mirror that teaches beyond & between the cumulative sequence,
    when you learn to practice & connect to your talents, practice everyday,
    look deeply into the mirror and see the talents your ancient fathers & mothers learned before you. only you can discover your hidden talents,
    you can always try wearing that grey suit later on if conforming a bit makes things a lot more easy for you.
    it's in how you make your personality work for you in a responsible way,
    there you discover the hidden potential of your own mind & character.
    the code we serve is a lesson of diplomatic harmony,
    to be good to ourselves we must be good to each-other & neighbors etc etc,
    learn from everyone, learn to understand how your learning works.
    only you can be your own critical thinker.
    live from healthy foods, learn from social media, connect effectives
    shape your spiritual & human life by building talents, one step at a time.
    EffectConnecton June 08, 2016   Link
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    General Commentwow... what a powerfull song, seriously!

    but I am yet to find exactly what it mean... it seems to be about a boy's life who have been destroyed by his parents. he grew in hate and did only bad after it. But I'm sure this Caleb is someone existing, still he isn't from my culture.

    Any thoughts?
    kitchoua_temboon June 04, 2007   Link
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    General CommentTony Kakko said its like the beggining of the story behind The end of this chapter and Dont say a word... so, this Caleb may be the stalker in those songs
    I love this trilogy :D
    seiyas_on June 05, 2007   Link
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    General CommentThat's right, Caleb is the name of the stalker in The End of This Chapter and Don't Say a Word, and the song is mostly about the events leading up to him becoming said stalker. And the song really sheds some light on why he's such an emotional wreck later on.
    Sam World Orderon June 06, 2007   Link
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    General Commentgreat song, kinda sad
    will-parryon June 17, 2007   Link
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    General Commentwhy is tony writting so much about stalkers and stuff like that....i like it...but i'm kinda scared.....you know if i would meet tony...i would be realllly happy...but i think i would run run as fast as i can....
    crimson_sonataon July 22, 2007   Link
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    General Commentthis song is awesome as hell, yet i feel like i've heard the story before..i dont know where.

    and whats the "whatevergod" mean at the end of the song?
    Sonata6on August 17, 2007   Link
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    General Comment"There is a man in this world who has never smiled. You may know his tragedy, the later years by heart."

    As I see it the later years are the song 'The End of this Chapter' and probably 'Don't Say a Word'. The woman is talking to the fourth wall.
    bugmenot123on September 16, 2007   Link
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    General CommentHe's a stalker?! Hopefully not the stalker in Shy. 0-o
    Right? Right?
    craniiferon December 29, 2007   Link

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