"One Rainy Day" as written by Salvatore P. Erna, Tony Rombola, James Shannon Larkin and Rob Merrill....
Oh man, I'm tired and lonely
Again, why must it be
A man is drowning slowly
And he can't keep above
Gone way to deep, oh yeah

Open skies are falling
Tears are coming down
Like a drop of rain falls to the ocean
And comes back around
One rainy day

Oh so many times I should've crawled when I went running by
And since then I've been left feeling traumatized
Raped and drained of an innocence
A gift we've lost over time
And still I gaze through this one rainy day
Alone with no one by my side

Open skies are falling
Tears are coming down
Like a drop of rain falls to the ocean
And comes back around, yeah
I swear I've given, I've given you all I can
Never will you ever make me feel this way again, oh
On this one rainy day

Hey, open skies are falling
Tears are coming down
Like a drop of rain falls to the ocean
And comes back around
One rainy day
One rainy day
Oh one rainy day
It's been just, one rainy day

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"One Rainy Day" as written by Rob Merrill James Shannon Larkin

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    General Commentyour right this song is great and the guitar work is amazing but in my opinion i think this song is about the time right after a break up in a relationship, but thats just my opinion, godsmack kicks ass anyway
    Keeebler7on May 17, 2006   Link
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    General CommentGreat Song. The guitar work is amazing in this song. I think it's about a bad relationship that he wants out of.
    dmk89on May 11, 2006   Link
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    General CommentSully Erna is my hero. shouldnt of done good times bad times he aint gots the vocals plus its fuckin Zepplin you cant top the orginal unless it sweet leaf love the Godsmack Version more than the orginal. but i think its about a relationship thats gone to shit and because he felt strongly about someone he will never want to feel it again i think its like a first love kinda thing
    Sir Pork Nuggeton January 08, 2008   Link
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    General Commentyeah I like this song! yeah ! made me think that girls are really sometimes selfish thinking about themselves. even though she knows that it cost too much pain. most beautiful girls are really proud of themselves and the moment they met a guy whose handsome than they're so called boyfriends they can't avoid flirting with them.
    maybe that's the way how reality works. I don't know about relationships but I had an experience about this thing.
    but I'm not generalizing that all girls are like this.
    maybe because of what they see in the movies these days.
    maybe because of the trend these days. which makes the generation embrace polygamy. talking about screaming infidelities.
    and I hate those girls who thinks they're really damn pretty and thinks that they should look for a guy whose just handsome and if not rich but what about us ? nice guys !!! not so cute but nice and sensible whose ready to defend them whose ready to sacrifice everything in the name of love! whose going to be there every time she needs some help whose not gonna turn a back from her.
    yeah! that's why I don't believe in love anymore. even though I'm a member of the church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints I still don't believe in true love anymore . I guess that true love are for all of those people whose rich and famous whose handsome and not ugly like me. even though I have a job girls seems not satisfied
    if your diligent what they want is a guy who has a high status whose a professional . fetch! rock n roll all of this all of what we have in this world is just temporary we cannot bring this into our grave. life is so short I'm already 26 and I want to die at 27 like Kurt Cobain yeah you know your right I'm a loser! but who cares I ain't seen my dad I came from a broken family . and my job is just to teach Koreans how to speak English on-line and no matter what I do no one appreciates that I need to support my mom cause she's already 56 and I never had a chance to go into college cause it's either I had to choose between going to school without any food in your stomach or just have to look for a job to pay for the bills and earn for a living. I had a girlfriend whom I lost because she said that she found someone whose better way far better than me since she can't see me anymore cause she's now leaving in the states and I'm still here in hell (Philippines) she choose to go with that guy despite of my love for her. I don't even understand why she just left me for that guy. and why do girls now
    a days choose a guy whom they just think he's cute and he's got a class. so why not? fetch the world is so ugly.!!! can't control my self I'm sorry. -peace out- rock music rules- grunge,metal, death, gothic,black,heavy,hairmetal,glam,numetal. as long as it's rock
    cool -amen-
    guitaranalyzer55on April 23, 2008   Link
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    My Interpretationfinally saying goodbye to his 'moon baby'..
    trinity_tragedyon August 05, 2013   Link

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