"Back" as written by and Steven/robertson Page....
I woke up yesterday morning
Fell down two flights of stairs
Well I thought I was wide awake but my legs were still asleep.
Nine-one-one ambulance help me

But I can't reach the phone
So I scream to the neighbors "Come over break into my home"
I broke my back
There was nobody there to help me
Broke my back

All the lies and deception won't change the perception that
I fell flat on my ass
I wish this had happened skydiving
That my parachute failed

But a pair of shoes tripped me down stairs and I lay there and wail
Those things I used to take for granted
Now I take sitting down
I can't brush my teeth, chew my nails, give the finger to a clown

I broke my back
And I can't even change the channels
Broke my back
I fell flat on my ass

Well they tell me that I shouldn't get discouraged
But they tell me that I'll never walk again
And they say I'm gonna need a lot of courage
And they say I'm gonna need a lot of friends

But what I really need is a pair of electric legs.
So I wish some genius would just invent them.
And if they cost too much I'd share with someone else.
Or I would scour the Yellow Pages and I'd rent them.

I know I can probably pop a wheely
Entertaining the kids
I can put hockey cards in the spokes I can even throw skids
I get a good seat at a concert

Even get stuff for free
Is it cause I'm an excellent guy or cause they're scared of me
I broke my back
And I can't even use the clapper

I broke my back
All the lies and deception won't change the perception that
I fell flat on my ass

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"Back [Non-Album Track]" as written by Ed Robertson Steven Page

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    General CommentI don't know why, but I seem to find this song the funniest of all of the BNL songs. It's just about someone who breaks their back and becomes paralyzed, and that's sort of morbid, but I find it funny anyway. Because it's also fun seeing how they talk about the things that came with breaking a back. Like what they can do with their wheelchairs. THe clapper. He took moving around for granted and now he's paying for it.
    It could be looked at in a more philosophical way. LIke I said, it could be talking about the moment where you lose all those things you take for granted, and that always sucks. But you have to look on the bright side like he does when he talks about the hocky cards in the spokes and the front row seats at concerts and the good parking spots.
    Sanjuroon December 14, 2004   Link
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    General CommentI agree, this is a funny song, somehow.

    I wrote a short story loosely based on this song. Everyone thought it was so good. The whole message of taking movement for granted. I of course did not take credit, I gave it to BNL rightly.

    And also, this was a naked song. That could be why it is so funny.
    ACYon January 12, 2005   Link

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