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Wasted on Cool
11 2 princessdistress
Sugar Town
6 1 princessdistress
Depressing Songs for depressing times
(read about)
1 0 ImHere2Help
Life without deep feelings because of meds
5 0 ConiSch
my old faves 12/2008
19 0 mdurante
Songs I like
I like these songs
2 0 SilverhoofVA
0 1 devithoka75
. H B X .
This is the setlist for my cover album, under the moniker "HBX", or Hayden B----- Experience.
8 1 pw0nzwer
Ayy lmao
5 1 Conlarky
Worship :D
7 1 AlexandraG23
Alex's Mixtape
12 1 AlexandraG23
In memory of Scott Weiland
News spread quickly late last night that Scott Weiland, the lead singer of Stone Temple Pilots & Velvet Revolver, passed away. Here's our s...
7 0 dan
Once in a Lifetime
2 0 wonderlouiss
An 80's Synth Explosion
Upon its release, the 2011 film DRIVE has sparked an interest in the distinct style of music its soundtrack contained. To those of you who a...
0 0 UtopianStuff
be brave
fight song and brave
2 0 CocoaPuffs11
live fast, die young
a mix based on my original character, Robin
5 0 felineelliott
Awesome songs
Basically, a mix of BMTH, Of Mice and Men, etc. etc.
1 2 SinisterFox
Songs With The Best Music Videos
Songs with amazing music videos
6 1 Nikki_loves_Bands
Electronically cool
New and dark.... or light!!
2 0 dscrunchy
2 0 tudor12604
Cancel the burial, this one is gonna burn.
9 0 PrettyIntuitive
Be Glorified by Godstime Promise
Am by name promise obinna popularly known as Godstime Promise, Nigeria gospel musician
0 2 Godstime Promise
songs of my soul
my soul
6 0 RawArt
13 2 kirs10
My Alternative Compilation
A private alternative rock playlist.
7 1 Volodymyr
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