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[EXPLICIT] Fat Rig ft. Kid Snellvich
This is my own track, made fresh from the fiery dungeons of rap known as England. It's my city.
0 0 Snellvich
Songs relevant to a large story/d&d campaign.
4 0 VaerellisKing
2 0 LunaBear
3 0 trentmcfadden
my parents
this next song, i've the pleasure of running with. when i remember all thing that did my parents to me. i feel to sing this one for'em
0 0 kellyaganze
love these days
how real love is hard to find and seeing the real in people can be tough at times but everyday is a new day to make live better
0 0 antthegreat
My favorite songs
2 0 blueflowersies
Say "Let's GO!"
hitting the road Autumn '17
3 0 mikal10848
I wanna rock
Rockin out
2 0 Sheilak199
What I love
10 0 Sheilak199
Of Land and Sea
A playlist that connects me to nature, Gods and Goddesses. Pagan friendly. Asatru/Norse influence.
11 0 gunnhild
Hot Mix (For Casette Tape with total 110 Mins, E.g. Maxell XL ii 110) (Length 55:36)
1. The National - Bloodbuzz Ohio 2. Visage - The Damned Don't Cry 3. DCFC - No Room In Frame 4. Crowded House - Catherine Wheels 5. Depe...
0 0 skennedy97
My mellow rock mix
These songs put me in a serene mood, Mostly 70s-80s music
6 0 RRicci
leelee stuff
2 0 leeeeleeee2016
millitary songs
2 0 Test Data
the eggs
“It reminds me of that old joke- you know, a guy walks into a psychiatrist's office and says, hey doc, my brother's crazy! He thinks he's ...
52 0 dointhisbymyself
this girl is exhausted.
it's been a hell of a time these last few months.
16 0 dointhisbymyself
3 0 noyanmoghadam
2 0 Magical73
Ugh. I should not be listening to these songs.
6 0 askingtoomuch
36 0 scratcher
Slow Gherkin Working for the man
2 0 julie11159
Neptune Retrograde 2017
well, that's what I detect
9 0 mikal10848
Mate Gulyas Single-Poetry Collection
Mate Gulyas writes lyrics in riddles, often including topics like love (mostly hopeless), drugs, borderline personal disorder, sometimes nea...
4 0 UndergroundHUN
song that i really like
6 0 country
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