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Searching for Home
These tracks made their way to into my life of ever wondering if I'm in the right place to call home. Written by an eclectic group of songwr...
4 0 Rivershoes
Bom Dia Lisboa!
Mais será revelado :)
0 2 ZKZ
Radiohead's paranoids
Aliens? Existence? Ah?
16 1 ConiSch
Punk Rock
Lots o' Green Day
8 2 GreenDayPunk
State of the World
18 2 Sue866
My Mixtape
2 2 inthemirror
3 2 hollygg
90s Alternative/Post Hardcore emotional music
A mix of 90s post hardcore/alternative metal songs that can sometimes give you the feels
5 2 SkullFaceFell
6 0 Kemmi
Love & Infatuation
7 0 kalonkakon
Emotional Abuse
9 0 kalonkakon
Conversations With God
6 0 Sue866
Independence Day
Various forms of independence.
14 0 Sue866
MA Sogns
2 1 logan11796
Best of Coldplay
Here are my *subjectively* most favorite Coldplay songs!
3 1 addiscentis
By Myself Again
Missing us
3 1 winterward
Hello, Stranger
Olá, Quem és tu? O que Fizeste? O que estás a Fazer? O que queres Fazer? Como posso ajudar? O que te falta? Zimbora Até Jazz :)
6 1 ZKZ
I'm sorry. I love you.
"I never ever stop wondering, wondering if you still think of us. / I don't need a photograph 'cause you've never left my mind."
8 3 nightunkempt
The man who changed the World
3 2 blonde1070
Fave Songs
A list mixtape of my absolute favorite songs.
11 1 CrossbonesGT
Snare Drum
Looking for songs that feature the Snare Drum - bonus if it is also patriotic (for whatever country) or militaristic.
1 1 Sue866
Spanish Language
19 1 Sue866
3 1 Sawlie
Songs that give you chills
3 1 CeraWithaC103
^_^ Most of my fav. songs by mostly bands. >_<
18 1 jlove101
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