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Conversations With God
6 0 Sue866
Independence Day
Various forms of independence.
14 0 Sue866
MA Sogns
2 1 logan11796
Best of Coldplay
Here are my *subjectively* most favorite Coldplay songs!
3 1 addiscentis
By Myself Again
Missing us
3 1 winterward
Hello, Stranger
Olá, Quem és tu? O que Fizeste? O que estás a Fazer? O que queres Fazer? Como posso ajudar? O que te falta? Zimbora Até Jazz :)
6 1 ZKZ
I'm sorry. I love you.
"I never ever stop wondering, wondering if you still think of us. / I don't need a photograph 'cause you've never left my mind."
8 3 nightunkempt
The man who changed the World
3 2 blonde1070
Fave Songs
A list mixtape of my absolute favorite songs.
11 1 CrossbonesGT
Snare Drum
Looking for songs that feature the Snare Drum - bonus if it is also patriotic (for whatever country).
1 1 Sue866
Spanish Language
19 1 Sue866
3 1 Sawlie
Songs that give you chills
3 1 CeraWithaC103
^_^ Most of my fav. songs by mostly bands. >_<
18 1 jlove101
All eyes on me
This is about me being able to shine my beautiful light on the world
1 2 @queenrionna
Circuits, networks, tapioca pudding
4 2 kirs10
My Favorite songs
These are my personal Favorites
24 2 joerct2003
3 1 Sawlie
This is a mix of some of the most common System of a Down songs I listen to. Drop a comment. I'd be interested in a recommendation as to wha...
5 5 joerct2003
bad songs
2 2 Bintr
MisterObvious vs The Blacks (Soundtrack)
All of the tracks from the motion picture "MisterObvious vs The Blacks"
5 1 starbox104
7 1 mj23lj23
songs I really love
2 1 EOZ
Call Of Duty Songs
All of the current Call Of Duty Songs
2 0 1143250399
Sand in the Vasoline
everything is gonna burn....we'lll all take turns -------------------------------------------------------------------------_-------------...
0 0 RenegadePiggies
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