Lyric discussion by EternalTearsOfSorrow 

I think this song is explained in the final stanza (You can believe in me, baby Can I believe in you? That secret's gonna kill you In the end It's gonna kill You) I think it's about a guy who is having an affair with a married woman and he is also married as well so it's beyond complicated. (That secret's gonna kill you in the end) (You can believe in me, baby Can I believe in you? I wish I could remember what You said, when I said Enough) Here he's trying to convince her to go along with the affair and that she can believe in him, at the same time he also wrestles with the idea and is considering whether it's gone to far (when I said enough) ( You said Good boy... bad boy... killjoy... Get your ass over here, boy And since I know Myself so well Don't breathe a word Don't you ever tell) In this stanza she's now the one who is pushing the affair to continue and he's the one unsure but she convinces him to continue on with it and to keep it secret (Don't breath a word, Don't ever tell)

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