Lyric discussion by sokorny 

I'd say @venusblew is the only one I truly believe is on the right track for the meaning of the song.

I interpret it in a similar meaning ... that is live your life, make your own decisions/choices and don't follow the same path as everyone.

The highway is a metaphor for life in this song. Biblical a path is typically used, however Priest have adopted a more contemporary metaphor. The song uses other transport metaphors throughout, e.g.

  • backseat driving is a metaphor for others controlling your life, telling you how to live your life.

  • road is open wide to place your bidding = lots of choices out there for you to make

  • miles and miles to put it back together = can make amends for wrong choices / mistakes in your life, as our lives are relatively long

  • everybody breaks down = depression, sad, makes mistakes, falls etc.

  • back on your feet to take the next bend = recover from that fall, make amends, learn from your mistakes.

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