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The Hardest Thing Lyrics

Lyric discussion by b3lla2988 

To me, this song is about someone from the past coming back into your life. Somebody you deeply truly madly cared about. However, this person left your life and you moved on after years and now are in a committed relationship. Someone who has been nothing but good to you. So this person comes back into your life and you are torn between feelings of whats right and wrong. However, you made a commitment to the new relationship, and have enough strength within yourself to know that it wasn't meant to be with the old one. But its just a hard decision to face as you are torn between emotions. As it could really go either way, but you make the decision to be faithful to the relationship you're in now.

@b3lla2988 my thoughts exactly! It's a person that he has probably never truly gotten over. When she comes back into his life, he has a new girl and as much as he loves the girl from his past, he's not willing to leave her. Fate has a funny way of stepping in and who knows what life has in store for them.

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