Lyric discussion by maggot457 

ok, i'm a christian and i love this song. why? because i'm not the type of christian that thinks everyone needs to believe what i believe. Ivan Moody sings about his opinion of religion and i respect that. I have my own beliefs and sometimes disagree with my own religion. I'm not a "puppet on a string". you can believe anything you want, just stop disrespecting others for their beliefs. All religions can coexist and whether you choose to follow one or not is your own choice and again, i respect that.

and the song doesn't even have to be about christianity, it can be about any other religion. you people just chose christianity right away because apparently it's the cause of all the worlds problems and you people look for something to blame it about you stop blaming the religion and start blaming the people that have highly skewed views of those opinions. again i'm a christian, you don't have to be, but we can still respect each other.

If only more Theists were like you, bro. I think many people, particularly those who live in the US or another highly Christian nation believe these songs apply directly toward Christianity because those parts of the world are primarily Christian. I bet if you played this song in Pakistan, the people there would think it pertains to Islam. I choose to believe this applies to not only every religion, but every highly organized organization because for something to be a religion, I believe, it doesn't need to be based around an extra-sensory being. To me, this is a very Atheist...

@maggot457, You are correct. I think it's pretty humorous to see comment fights about Religion vs Anti-Religion here. Why don't people just state their opinion and that's it? Instead of getting their opinion bashed? You don't have to like this song, just at least try to appreciate it for what it is and what the message is bringing; you don't have to agree with it more or less fuss about it.

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