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Com'mon guys...this one is not hard. Sometimes, the thing is right in front of you. I suspect that those of you that don't think this song is about a man and his relationship with Christ...well, you are not comfortable with your relationship with Christ. And that's okay...because we all struggle with it, heavan and earth, good and bad.

But it is quite clear...

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@Cdad ........"I just want to say hello again, My Sacrifice" Christ sacrificed himself for mankind, so yea. Thats totally what the song is about. +1

@Cdad I think the kid, scott stapp and the old man are the same person. And the old man is going through his own life, like reflecting upon his own life, remembering the good and the bad of the days, when he was young, a kid even. . the girl, i guess is the love interest who didnt understand the boy, thus the boy's hug with scott stapp. . . and finally scott stapp pulling himself from under the water. . saving his own life. . there is a lot of God stuff going on in there. . cliche huh?! but,...

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