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Linkin Park – What I've Done Lyrics 8 years ago
What "mankind has done"...really? Com'mon...we are all part of mankind, and the easiest dodge of all is to point a finger at someone else...but only to draw attention away from ourselves.

You cannot "earse yourself...for what I've done." That requires someone else to forgive you.

The sound is great...but the lyrics are problematic and distrubing, to say the least.

Clearly writing to folk that want the power to erase their own sins. Sorry does not work like that.

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Creed – My Sacrifice Lyrics 8 years ago
Com'mon guys...this one is not hard. Sometimes, the thing is right in front of you. I suspect that those of you that don't think this song is about a man and his relationship with Christ...well, you are not comfortable with your relationship with Christ. And that's okay...because we all struggle with it, heavan and earth, good and bad.

But it is quite clear...

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