Lyric discussion by notthatguysomeoneelse 

wow. i makes me want to die knowing that he touched this song. esh.

everyone has done this song. from the greatful dead to warren zevon to friggin aaron carter.

it was written as a new orleans mardi gras song about the black indians. "iko" is some crazy cajun shit. means "listen up, fuckers!" or something to that effect.

dead link, by the way. heres the new one.

@notthatguysomeoneelse Iko IKO is a Cree term. It means literally "Pay Attention, PAY ATTENTION!" If you read what I wrote in comments to the Dixie Cups version then you shall have a bit better understanding of this very VERY old song that speaks between slaves and the Cajun/ Creole population about how the whites treated them all! There are a total of 32 verses to this song! (Including "Thisa my Master dressed all black, Iko IKO wha nee. He send you away, you nevah come back, Chuck-a-moe Phine ah nah!") Scotty

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