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The Hardest Thing Lyrics

Lyric discussion by dunnotknome 

My take on it is this, becuase I'm actually in this situation. The guy (myself) is in a lasting relationship with someone who he has promised to love forever and everything (longtime girlfriend, fiance, possibly wife). Love (true love that is) just happens though, and he has met his real 'soul mate.' But he can't leave his present girlfriend or anything - he possibly (in my opinion, i don't think he has cause i haven't) had that affair yet, but does love his soulmate. He is telling this girl that he has fallen for head over heals that he does not love her and does not want to be with her becuase he has already made a commitment to someone that doesn't deserve to be hurt. X is my longtime girlfriend, but recently, that magic has been lacking, and during a hard time, i fell in love with Y, who has been my friend for longer than I've known X. I've always loved Y, but just never realized it until recently. X doesn't deserve to be hurt though, so I'm putting aside my own possible happiness to keep her happy. As the song says, another time, another place, maybe another lifetime it would be different. In the end, he (and I) are left telling the girl that we really love goodbye, knowing we will always love her and hoping that fate will eventually bring us together.

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