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The Hardest Thing Lyrics

Lyric discussion by miserablefailure 

I think you guys have got it all wrong. The girl he's talking to is not a "new girl" but an ex that he still has feelings for.

The song is about a guy whose ex-girlfriend comes back, wanting to get back together with him. The guy still loves her and wants to get back with her, but he's already in a relationship with somebody new who trusts him completely and has "been good to" him.

He wants to tell his ex what she means to him and that he still loves her and that he wants a new beginning with her, but he can't because his "hands are tired" and his "heart's not free" due to his new relationship with the trusting girl who has never done him wrong. So instead, he doesn't say anything when his ex cries, and he lies and tells her that he doesn't love her. He figures that fate will bring them together again when the circumstances are different, and then he might be given the opportunity to show her freely how much she means to him.

The song is bittersweet.

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