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The Hardest Thing Lyrics

Lyric discussion by muzic_lover 

I see it as the guy being MARRIED but he unexpectedly falls in love with someone else. But still loving his wife and wanting to keep that commitment he knows he has to "lie" to the other girl, telling her he doesn't love her...so she can get on with her life. I think the "maybe another time, another day" means if they had met at a different time and place in thieir lives, they could be together. But he has someone waiting for him at home who trusts him to be the man he promised her he would be. Its basically the same theory as the above posts but I always pictured a marriage involved, that's why he doesnt wind up being with the new girl. Because he cant just ditch his marriage. (although some guys wouldn't care if they were married or not) But I think he knows there's no good reason to leave his wife other than bad timing.

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