Lyric discussion by imp2k1 

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I love how some fans can say that Dave is a sellout without realizing how totally stupid they sound. Wow, Dave got popular! I can't like him anymore! Bad news, folks: Dave is writing the same great songs he's been writing for years. Yeah, the new album is a little more radio-friendly than a lot of his earlier stuff, but it's still a very solid album lyrically. Musically, while the rest of the band is kind of turned down, I think it's about time they made an album with a few more guitar-driven songs (of course, being a guitarist, I probably have a biased opinion on this matter, but I like hearing Dave playing). The bottom line is that just because a song is popular doesn't mean it's bad...I mean, look at the Beatles: screaming 13 year old girls at all of their concerts, and still they produced some of the most influential music of the century.

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