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2002 Lyrics

The year is two thousand & two
I'm doing exactly what I wanted to
And baby I don't even think about you anymore

Just thought I’d drop you a line
To let you know I was feeling fine
Cause honey it's been a long long time
Since you walked out my door

It took me some time I must confess
For a while there I was feeling less than my best
I had to get out of town so I headed out west
I ended up in Seattle

I thought I’d start a brand new band
I thought I might call it Lonelyland
Things got a little out of hand
I ended up hooked on heroin

So I ended up moving back over to Germany
Living with the folks baggin grocery's
But the time I had was mostly free
So I spent most of it drinking

I got myself in a jam or two
I guess it's what I had to do
Late at night I’d still think of you
And it felt like I was drowning

Till I met this girl at a discotheque
She was a dancer but not what you'd expect
She taught ballet and she was half-Czech half Chinese

But after she decided not to have the baby
She said she was gonna move back to Czechoslovakia maybe
By then I didn't really care I was either half drunk or half crazy

I got arrested once but never convicted
My parents eventually had me evicted
I tried your number but it'd been disconnected
I guess I should’ve known

I heard you got married and you moved away
I called your folks but where they wouldn't say
They said it's probably better that way so I just let it be

I moved back to Austin bout a year ago
I drive a schoolbus I don't drink no more
I go out every once in a while and see a show but mostly I just watch TV

So I don't know where I’m gonna send this letter
I doubt things are ever going to get much better
It seems like life is just one big whatever anyway

I just thought I’d drop you a line
Lie and say I was doing fine
Cause baby it's been a long long time
Since you walked out my door
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this song the ultimate ballad to regret and true feeling... people sometimes never get over that one BIG breakup. This song is one of my favorites of Bob's, he actually cryed when I saw him live. Anyone who reads this, you should definately look up bob, he is probably the best underground artist i have ever found. He is nearly exclusive to austin, but he's getting out, and i think he may come out fast. i hate comparing musicians, because no one is like anyone really. i really like Bob, and i also really like John Mayer, Dispatch, Pete Yorn, Jack Johnson among others. That was just as a reference, you know, maybe ya'll could get an idea of what Bob "might" sound like from what else i listen to. I'm rambling now, so peace.

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wow. i'm actually excited that i found bob on songmeanings.net, i figured he was far too underground still. but on with the interpretation

it's a great song. it's that classic "i don't need you i'm doing just fine" intro, but when he starts to break the facade. the hurting and broken person under neath is shown in the light. it's not a plea for her return, it's almost mainly a matter of fact statement.

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a great song, that definitely benefits from the many different ways he plays it live. the whole song about some girl is clearly a contradiction to his initial statement of not thinking about her anymore. its definitely about not getting over a girl even if he wants to, or thinks he has.

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I think its more like he has learned how to live without her, but has no life left in him. He behaved a certain way ("doing exactly what I wanted to") now he has to live with himself because she couldn't. Maybe. Peace

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