Någon hade sagt att jag var feg
Lilla Ego fy skäms
Att Jag alltid stod där bakom och höll med
Sanningen känns
Jag har skuggat dig i kylan
en hel dag
för att lämna tillbaks
den undanflykt
som Jag stal

Tar 2:an sitter ensam längst bak
Lilla Ego sitt still
Jag har gått i dina fotspår hela dan
till Hagnesta Hill
Den första snön har fallit allt är halt
och min halsduk blev kvar
på en hållplats
utanför stan...

Jag samlar allt mitt mod där vid allén
Lilla Ego har rymt
Jag skrek med målbrottsröst jag hatar er
som barn var jag grym
Den här känslan som Jag har
är inte min
Den blev kvar, är den din?
Den smakar som Du...

Det är tårar
Kan man gråta som en karl?
Snälla Du förlåt mig
Jag glömde vem Jag var
snälla sluta lyssna
Glöm allt Jag sa
Jag mår bra
Du måste lämna mig i fred

Det är tårar
Kan man gråta som en karl?
Snälla Du förlåt mig
Jag glömde vem Jag var
snälla sluta lyssna
Glöm allt Jag sa
Jag mår bra
Du måste lämna mig i fred

Jag behöver ingen hjälp
Vill Du hjälpa hjälp dig själv
Jag behöver ingen hjälp
så lämna mig i fred
Lämna mig i fred

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Stoppa Mig Juni (lilla Ego) song meanings
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    General Comment

    en av kents mest underskattade låtar..... handlar om hur en mobbare ångrar sitt forna jag. (som barn var jag grym) som ung hade han inte tillräcklig viljekraft och mod för att våga säga ifrån när hans kamrater gav sig på sitt offer. (Att Jag alltid stod där bakom och höll med) titeln stoppa mig juni har betydelsen att juni var som en befrielse för honom då han slutade skolan för att ha sommarlov och "slapp" vara delaktig i mobbningen.

    ingen superdjup mening men ändå fin sång

    davitoon August 26, 2007   Link
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    General Comment

    Only Kent can make music like this... it's as he's on the verge of crying during the chorus, it's so beautiful... there are no words to describe it. And then in the last verse his voice just is so sad... god I love his voice, god I love Kent

    seahorseon February 22, 2007   Link
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    General Comment

    This is a rumination on his thoughts and actions after a break up. I will be using the English translation (as opposed to the English version).

    //Someone had said I was a coward //Shame on you little ego //That I always stood in the back and agreed //The truth hurts //I've shadowed you in the cold //to return the excuse //that I stole

    //I take bus no.2 and sit alone in the back //Little Ego, sit still //I've traced your steps all day //to Hagnesta Hill //the first snow has fallen, everything is slippery //and I left my scarf //at a bus stop outside of town

    A man has broken up with his girlfriend. She has moved out and did not give him her new address. During the breakup, his girlfriend called him a coward. This made him extremely upset and bruised his ego, because deep down he knows it is true. He reflects on how someone has called him a coward before, when he was young, because he would go along with anything and never stand up or have his own opinions. In context of later lines ("I was cruel as a child"), it is implied that he was either a bully, or passively let other be bullied and did nothing. He is reflecting on all of this, as he is taking a bus to follow his ex ("I've traced your steps all day to Hagnesta Hill") and apologize ("I've shadowed you in the cold to return the excuse that I stole").

    //I gather all my courage by the alley //Little Ego has fled //I screamed with an adolescent voice "I hate you all" //I was cruel as a child //This feeling I have isn't mine //It lingered, is it yours? //It tastes like you

    He sees her go to her new apartment, and tries to steel himself to knock on the door and apologize. However, he looses courage. He realizes again that he is a coward and gets angry at himself and screams in rage. He did this sort of jerk thing when he was an adolescent, wronging people and then being angry about the shame of it, and too cowardly to apologize, and realizes that not much has changed. He is still blaming people for his actions, he is still unable to take responsibility. He realizes that he hasn't matured emotionally.

    He has a complex mixture of shame, anger, and regret and wonders where it is coming from. He normally doesn't feel so disturbed, perhaps because his "little ego" always has a way of making him believe that he has done nothing wrong and the problem doesn't lie with him. But now he can't ignore the consequences of his actions, and wonders where these feelings are coming from.

    //It's tears /Is it possible to cry like a man? //Please forgive me, I forgot who I was //Please stop listening //Porget all I've said //I'm fine //You have to leave me be

    //I don't need any help //Want to help? Help yourself //I don't need any help //So leave me be //leave me be

    He is still in the alley/on the street near his ex's apartment, and is having a breakdown. He can't run from the emotions anymore. His scream has attracted people, who are asking what is wrong, and he realizes with shock that he is crying.

    He tries to regain his composure because his ego tells him that real men don't cry. He turns to leave, because he just wants to be left alone and doesn't want anyone to see his shame.

    It's kind of sad because he tries to have emotional growth (to apologize), but in the end he just can't do it. His ego gets the best of him; he really is a coward.

    MaidOMetalon February 06, 2018   Link

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