"lies, lies, lies ev'rywhere," said the father to the son
your peppermint breath gonna choke 'em to death,
daddy watch your little black sheep run
he's got knives in his back ev'ry time he opens up
you say, "he got be strong if he wanna be a man"
mister I don't know how you can have

sweet dreams, sweet dreams

land, land of liberty
we're run by a constipated man
when you live in the past
you refuse to see when your
daughter come home nine months pregnant
with five billion points of light
gonna shine 'em on the face of your friends
they got the earth in a sling
they got world on her knees
they even got your zipper between their teeth

sweet dreams, sweet dreams

you say, you say, you say that you have 'em,
i say that you're a liar
sweet dreams, sweet dreams

go on, go on, go on dream,
your house is on fire
come along now

well, well, summer wind been catching up with me
"elephant mind, Missy you don't have
you forgettin' to fly,
darlin', when you sleep."
i got a hazy, lazy Susan
takin turns all over my dreams
i got lizards and snakes runnin' through my body.
funny how they all have my face

sweet dreams, sweet dreams

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    General Commentdelirium wasn't based on tori, though neil has acknowledged they are a lot alike. neil and tori met , back in 1991, shortly before little earthquakes was released. at this time a game of you had been published, as well as a few other shorts that included del, and her character had already been established and developed.

    the story, according to how tori told it: she had read the doll's house and loved it, wanted to incorporated in a song, so she wrote in ''tear in your hand." a mutual friend had given the demo to neil saying something to the effect of ''this is from a friend of mine, it's really good. don't sue her." neil loved the demo and gave tori a call, saying she should take it to a record company, which was interesting timing since she had actually been wrapping up the album. and thus they met. in ''brief lives" neil made the addition of the song in the comic before publication, and they've been bouncing ideas off each other since.

    neil, however, did base the tree in his novel ''stardust" off of tori (hence the line in horses ''will you find me if neil makes me a tree") and there's some speculation that door from ''neverwhere" is based on tori as well (though as far as i know that's never been confirmed). endless nights was penned after the sandman series ended, and i wouldn't doubt that neil did use a couple tori songs for inspiration.

    as for ''sweet dreams" i love the song. i always took it as corruption as well as putting someone in their place i.e. someone who sees the world with judgmental eyes whilst denying the ugliness within themselves. i also love the alternate version as well (2nd verse is different) and it would go along with urbangriever's interpretation.

    --john jim joe hanging on to the politician
    jane's a pretty thing but so is the rap
    about the dream you got for the american
    but the lie lie lie you tell for the bigger businessman--
    they got the earth in a sling they got the world on her knees
    they even got the zipper between their teeth
    T.C.on June 07, 2007   Link

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