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A.M. 180 Lyrics

Don't change your name, keep it the
same For fear I may lose you again

I know you won't, it's just that
I am unorganized
And I want to find you when
Something good happens

If you come down we'll go to town I haven't been there for years
But I'd be fine wasting our time
Not doing anything here
Just doing nothing

We'll sit for days and talk about things
Important to us, like whatever We'll defuse bombs, walk marathons
And take on whatever together

Whatever together
Whatever together
Whatever together
23 Meanings
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I like to think this song is about a guy and a girl who are very close friends but she's getting married (that's why she's changing her name, she'll now use her housband's surname) and he's worried about loosing her.

The rest may not be connected with that first interpretation though. He's been having troubles and they're not as close as they used to, but he still thinks of her and wants her to be there to tell her "when something good happends", maybe go with her when he finally can get organized (in his own head, perhaps?).

And then yes, he wants to be with her as they used to, just hanging out together doing nothing, doing anything... but with her "Whatever together"

I just love this song and see my best girl friend and me reflected in it (We'll sit for days and talk about things important to us like whatever)

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Another commercial that made me go out and download the song.

The lyrics seem to be about getting an ex back, he probably ignored her before and he wants her back and he'll do anything with her no matter how trivial.

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whenever i hear this song, the title makes me think that the guy singing it starts singing it when he wakes up in the morning (A.M.) and rolls over (180) and sees the girl he wants to spend the rest of his life with. "We'll sit for days and talk about things Important to us, like whatever " i think that is a big part of love, being able to sit and talk or not talk and be relaxed in one another's company forever.

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The Song To Me Talks About A Guy N A Girl Who Are in a Relationship. and He Wants Everything To Work Out. And That He's Happy About Them Being Together,They Feel So Strong Together. And Also How They Are Different From Other b/f g/f Realationships But Thats How They Want iT Just The Two oF Them Happy =]

I Love This Song

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Yea, I got it cuz of the commercial, catchy tune.

I think it's about a couple in which the girl is leaving town (Going to college maybe), and leaving the boy behind. It seems like he might be waiting for his chance to do something with his life, but it hasn't come yet.

All in all, I think she's leaving to do something with her life, and he doesn't want her to forget him and the times they had together doing nothing.

makes me cry

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When I hear this song it makes me think of two people who have found eachother but at the wrong time in their lives.

He opens by asking her to not stray to far ("don't change your name") so that he is able to find her again when "something good happens" i.e. when he is in a better place to hold a relationship with her.

The rest of the song sings about their future relationship, how they'll be the greatest couple ever, but only when (s)he's worked through whatever is going on.

you really got it spot on, imo! going through this exact story


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i heard it first through 28 days later (such an ace film), so it just reminds me of them running through a supermarket. its just a happy song that makes it feel like summer.

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this band is from my hometown, i saw the movie 28 days later yesterday and when i heard the song in the theater i was so surprised and just.. whoa. and no one sitting in the theater knew..

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I love this song. It reminds me of a good friend of mine who sings it about his girlfriend all the time. :) The guitar is pretty awesome.

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im not sure of the meaning, but i would like to think ramthar hit it on the head. great observation!

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