The sigh of summer upon my return
Fifteen alike since I was here
Bathed in deep fog, blurring my trail
Snuffing the first morning rays

Weary from what might have been ages
Still calm with my mind at peace
Would I prosper or fall, drain the past
The lapse of the moment took it's turn

I was foul and tainted, devoid of faith
Wearing my death-mask at birth
The hands of God, decrepit and thin
Cold caress and then nothing
I was taken away from my plight
A treason bestowed to the crowd
Branded a jonah with fevered blood
Ungodly freak, defiler

Pale touch, writhing in the embers
Damp mud burning in my eyes
All the faces turned away
And all would sneer at my demise

Outcast with dogmas forged below
Seared and beaten, banished from where I was born
No mercy would help me on my way
In the pouring rain nothing is the same

Vows in ashes
I pledge myself to no-one
Seethed and spiteful
All shudder at the call of my name
If you'll bear with me
You'll fear of me

There is no forgiveness in these eyes
For any of you but one
Dispel the mist for now
Melinda is the reason why I've come

She is water drops over the pyre
A thistle in my hands
Stained and torn, aged and brown
Virtuous shell with kindred innocence

I awoke from the miasma
Passing swiftly through the moor
This is here, waters stir
And in the distance all that was lost
If you´ll bear with me
You´ll fear of me
You´d never leave me to
A fate with you

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The Moor Lyrics as written by Mikael Lars Akerfeldt

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    General Commentthe debate seems to 'is it about colour or religion';
    i would rather opeth were speaking out about injustice in the world through the beutiful guise o complex poetry, but if you put this song in the context of the still life album, its cover or indead the rest of opeths works, it is clearly a mater of their hazy imaginations; ghosts, deamons and false religion.
    he is 'outcast with dogmas forged below' which is intresting as the trinity is the only thing i've ever heard described as this was the trinity.
    but clearly he is not a trinitarian living in a christian town, he hates his creator and he calls himself a godhead (also a wor rarely used out of conjunction with the trinity doctrine)

    he is a satanist human at the very least, i think he is something like the angels that disobeyed god in the early chapters of genesis that came down to take human wives.

    but as he is not real i think he is an amalgamation of these things.

    i like the idea that he is 'the moor' though

    however he also seems to be in his affection for melinda not unlike the 'nightmares' in the iron maiden song 'still life' in their attraction to the speaker.
    for me the song 'still life' is parraleled almost perfectly in this album. first melinda is scared, then mesmerised, attracted and finaly kills herself. just like the speaker in the iron maiden song

    also i find it pertinent that our 'moor' or fallen angel, or
    satanist or beast repents and accepts god in the album final chapter
    the painkilleron February 21, 2006   Link

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