Blind soul lost in Chicago
She fell asleep under a bridge
Drowning out the sound of her sorrow
She's finding it hard to exist

She keeps running into herself
Hoping to find somebody else
She keeps running into herself
Hoping that she'll get out of wonderland

Fame and fortune didn't become her
So she says pennyless
Needing so much more than tomorrow
As she stares at the scars on her wrist

She keeps running into herself
Hoping to find somebody else
She keeps running into herself
Hoping that she'll find somebody better

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Pennyless Lyrics as written by Tiffany Arbuckle Lee Matt Bronleewe

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Pennyless song meanings
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    this song is obivously about a girl who needs someone to help her and get her back on her feet and the only ppl. she finds are ppl. who aren't happy w/themselves like she is and so.... "She keeps running into herself Hoping to find somebody else"

    TrippySellouton September 15, 2002   Link
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    Ironically this song was written about a male relative of Tiffany's. She just wrote it from a female perspective.

    AmberLynnon April 14, 2004   Link
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    This song referances self-Injury, not suicidal thoguths in the line "As she stares at scars on her wrists"

    This person in referanced in the song needs a hug. a big hug.

    giggleslovesuon May 27, 2007   Link
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    I agree with all of you. Like you all said, I think it's about someone not liking who they are as a person. In the line "Hoping that she'll get out of wonderland", I'm thinking it could mean "when will things make sense?" Or when will I not feel so lost anymore?" It's obvious that the girl in the song cuts herself, maybe she hates herself for doing it?

    I think it's very easy for people to identify with this song. Everyone has had times when they don't like themselves and they wonder when things will get better and they won't feel so lost/when they'll get out of this "wonderland".

    Great song.

    Twilight_Eyezon August 19, 2008   Link

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