Yo I'm tha anti-circle
On tha mad train like a rain
That's purple I storm
Never comin twice in one form
Tha Black'll act a fool and I'm gone
Crumbs bust it pass tha popcorn
As I kick flava behavior absctract I get recognition
But I represent no religion or sect
So I'm no preacher but I reach your soul
Cause I'm stronger than younger
Son of Casandra like ganja I grow
From tha root like water I flow
Could sport ebrotha low or tha nappy afro
I still a have tha pick cause I choose to evict
Derelicts on tha tip tryin to diss tha mad skit busta skit
How many licks do it take to make a fake
Realize that he can't shake bake or penetrate
This style I demonstrate on a regular
Basis in face that he ain't no competitor
I said it a second ago yo I'm tha anti-circle with tha mad style
Crushin any mental that be fragile
You don't wanna see me get like agile
Rippin up tha scene screamin like I was a bad child
Black Thought so hip that I'm square
Tha rhythm that you hear is from tha kids right over there
Tha rubberband and Question just one step away
Yesterday was a day away attention you should pay today
To tha Roots stickin boot kickin with flippa
I lift tha party up and y'all get down like a zipper
Tha mista hippa flippa kid tha one who thinks tha music can be hurtin a
Rhythm when I get anti-circular

Square to tha circle to tha square
From tha square to tha circle to tha square
From tha square to tha circle to tha square
From tha square to tha circle to tha square y'all
From tha square to tha circle to tha square
From tha square to tha circle to tha square
From tha square to tha circle to tha square
From tha square to tha circle to tha square

What you spot up with ya peepers is tha creeper
Stompin on tha ground smokin a quarter pound reefer
Mista five finger lead singer noise maker
Number one run I'm rush now you must hush
I crush trail mix with tha sandal
Five fingers keep a candlestick lit when I vandalize
Can't see what I is or will be
Only what I was cause I crush an MC
I'm dandy happy go lucky don't touch me
Don't play cause I'm not tha right one baby yeah
Crazy off key never talk softly
Blacker than tha beans still I never sweat coffee
Tha fourth beat following tha third word second after first
Yo never rehearse tha verse that I'm freestylin'
Cause my verse is diverse I'm Mista Versatilin'
Things are easier with ooh chilin'
Ya smilin because you dig tha way that I deliver
And give a style flowin like I was tha Nile river you shiver
Cause I'm cooler than tha coolest act a fool its like a habit
So yo this trick is for tha rabbit
I grab it and snatch it inspect it like gadget
I works tha magic tha mic I must have it
I'm at it kids does tha pin on tha vibe tribe
Members do decide to stand around at tha sit down
Get down can't you know I'm quick to rip a kid down
Aim to put wack rappers in containers with tha lid down
So I seal it can you feel it many contacts is caught
On a mad train a Black Thought

From the square to tha circle to tha square
From tha square to tha circle to tha square
From tha square to tha circle to tha square
From tha square to tha circle to tha square
From tha square to tha circle to tha square y'all
From tha square to tha circle to tha square
From tha square to tha circle to tha square
From tha square to tha circle to tha square

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