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These Thousand Hills Lyrics

These thousand hills roll ever on
In footprints of a Mighty God
They bring me to my knees in praise
Amazing love, amazing grace

Was on a hill my Savior died
A broken heart, a bleeding side
Hill of the skull, Mount Calvary
The blood He shed, He shed for me

When heaven's hills at last I roam
Forever settle in my home
I'll join the saints around Your throne
Your kingdom, Lord, rolls ever on

These thousand hills roll ever on
Ripples of a coming storm
The morning star precedes the dawn
These thousand hills roll ever on
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Dec 05, 2001
3 Meanings
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This is a great song. Third Day is a cool band (My Favorite), but why doesn't anyone ever comment on their songs? Will someone please say something about this song?

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i love this song.

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i think this song is great, it's a discription of how massive god is and how ace he is. the line about footprints is to give an impression that god is huge, and he MADE the hills - they are footprints! it just rocks

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