They say don't leave the house
Cause the man will arrest you
Don't watch the news
Cause the words will infest you
The rain hit's the roof
Stay alert when the cops come
I'm passing the spliff
Jay's sitting shotgun
Eyo waddup son this pill, I'm bout to pop one
It's getting hot this shit is hotter
Than the wings on hot one's
Steam I'm bout to drop some
I mean I'm gone let it out
It seems like these rappers running mouth
But I got hella doubts
And when they get the clout
They start selling out
All that shit that we don't care about
This shit is bigger than rap
I see the ripple effect
And just like Elliot Ness
I'm here to take down the best
In my mind I play chess
And I can see yo next step
Wrong move or ya snooze
Ya loose, niggas get checked
Heck every little piece of the puzzle connects
You better stop for a sec and take a look at the mess
Hell yes I got my motherfuckin' eye's wide open
The truth is disguised and the lies why it's broken
No doubt yo I'm hoping we see a better future
Caught up in a day dream, Wake Up

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Wake Up Lyrics as written by Jannes Lelieveld Frank Boersma

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    This song sounds evil...and I like it, oh yeah.

    Schlackoon February 04, 2005   Link
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    i love how this song is just slow and then he screams WAKE UP!

    amazingxOxOjeSS19o2on July 20, 2006   Link
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    I think he's singing about a drug addiction... 'dissolved the life of crawled inside of took it all from me...' What drugs did. 'you walked away from me' the feeling he had left and he couldn't get the high he wanted anymore 'hooked on junk...' hooked on drugs and now that he sees how things are, it's no longer a nice thing, to him its miserable and drugs are junk. 'Wake up' - realize what's happening, get out of this. 'for what?' it's pointless, he's allready ruined himself enough or there's no way cause he'll keep coming back,

    computer41on November 26, 2008   Link
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    To me this song seems like him or whoever embracing their addictions, and plenty self-aware that they're self destructing and they just don't give a damn. And people are trying to tell them to "wake up" like sobering up and it's just like WHY??? What the hell is there to wake up for? What do you want me to wake up and do? Do I have anything to do? Is there any reason I should open my eyes? This song is about saying "I'm a fuckup and I love it, I love being a fuckup, I never wanna do anything more complicated than getting a needle into a vein for the rest of my life. There is absolutely no reason in a world of infinite possibles that I shouldn't be a raging fuckup. "Now I'm drunk and I'm miserable and I like it" that's because being drunk and miserable is a helluva lot better than being sober and miserable. Hooked on junk pitiful yah well maybe I pity all you sober people in the world. "Look at that idiot working to support his wife and kids, doesn't he fuckin' have anything better to do?" Such as getting drunk and shooting some heroin and waking up for a few minutes so you can do it again. I love this band.

    alarmclokon October 30, 2009   Link

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