This is three minute axcess,
So pop the question.
Will we leave the last place burning?

Or do we just get leaving?
Red-light my mind moves to refuse that filter,
Are you still surprised?

Keep my back above the tire tracks.
I'll meet you,
I will meet you,
I'll meet you at the exit.

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    exeunt is a stage direction which means (they) go offstage. As in 'Exeunt soldiers and townspeople.'

    Sympatric means 'Occupying the same or overlapping geographic areas without interbreeding.'

    I guess the song is about leaving the stage and meeting up later - at the exit. 'leave the last place burning' - was it a good gig?

    needle_tooon August 24, 2007   Link
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    The song is about life and music, how to solve the world's problems in a three-minute pop song. Do we try to destroy the corrupt structure of society or just opt out? Conventional wisdom that excuses atrocity is refused. Destructive influences are avoided. Exeunt, exit, the ultimate destination, where we're all headed, death, duh. Better do something while you can.

    kyeoon December 23, 2009   Link
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    When he says "sympatric", it sounds a little bit like "Stupid Pet Trick". On a more serious note, when I looked up that definition of sympatric years ago, the first thing that came to mind was something about race relations. Their next album has the song "Smallpox Champion" which dealt with wiping out the Native Americans by giving them infected blankets, so somehow I made a connection between the two songs. Perhaps it is about how we can exist in the same place as minorities but overlook them and not be concerned about them.

    Mad Slanted Powerson July 02, 2008   Link

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