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Born Again Lyrics

I set the fire ablaze, lit it from far away, found it out yesterday
Called it a big mistake, a wake up call for me, figured it would be
That the story of this man never was a plan, incompatible worlds we can't control
But that’s the way it's always been, circumstantial human beings
By the way I'll be ok, so why aren’t you the first to say? Today I'm born again
Call it a big mistake to see it fade away, but the problem's not with me
So now I'm twenty two, feeling kind of blue, because the same thing's happening
Instead it's now my friends, the choices we all make could prove life long mistakes
But I don't want to see your life fall right on through your hands
By the way I'll be ok, so why aren’t you the first to say I wish this never happened
I wonder what my life would be like now if things just kind of went my way
Today you’re born again, so now you're twenty one… with no worries
Now you're twenty one… with no worries now, You're twenty one
Only twenty one years young
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Nov 28, 2001
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According to Jeremy this song is about finding out his parents didnt plan on having him when they did, and how he "set the fire a blaze" in his parents before he was even born (from far away)

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