I Just Want To See Your Face Lyrics

Sun is up and it's in your eyes
Promise oh
You call onto me, honey
I'd never leave you anyway
No, you could blow your doubt and fears
Blow that smoke in my face
Yeah, just come on
You're the morning sun, you are my morning
I never thought you could
Or I should come out this way
You're the morning death to every
Shallow thinking, phrase, and lie
Roll away that stone, come on out of the grave
Shake the lie of the refuge it gave
Look you know you make me shake

Make me shiver on the Jones Fall trail strange
Make me never want to leave you all alone again

Sun is up and it's all you are
Promise oh, you hold onto me, honey
I'll never let you down again
Let the morning light go down with all that
Came around to choke our first joy
Yeah, just come on
Blow that smoke right up my face
You're the morning sun
You are my morning hope
Call onto me, honey
I never leave you anymore
You can blow your doubt and fears' brains out
Blow that smoke in my face
Yeah, just come on
Just want to see, want to feel again
Just want to see-see your face again
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Mar 15, 2023
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