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Each Time I Die Lyrics

I was living in some other life
another time I guess inside a different mind
a million lies deceive and quickly fade away
under the shape I take and walk another line now

I was born
a thousand times
a thousand more
each time I die
above the trees
and throughout the sky
under the ground
deep below inside
a vibrant world with electric eyes
devious days
and violent nights


one day comes
and another goes
lightning fast and creeping slow
the ocean waves
crash upon the shore
do you think I've been here before?
I once knew your name
I once saw your face
in another life it's just another place

talk about it now


enter the night
enter the day
become the light

that seem to say
is this good bye?
welcome always

is the sound
from far away
from far away

into the light
become the light
enter the day
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Apr 17, 2022
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