What if phones but too much
More like what if I gave a fuck
It's just slow death by 1000 cuts
Tech or not this shit fucking sucks
Rolling start on the race to the bottom
No brakes, windshield, or credit; no problem
Make an offer to the econ goblin
Print more money so the line stops wobbling /down
Drink to postponed foul fortune
Twisted like ball sack torsion
Just got barely enough for a 40 and a Whopper post landlord extortion
No wage, just pay
One more day, depression on the way
It's not hit yet I'm just in pain
More brain cells die every day

Reverse lawnmower
Reverse lawnmower man

My faculties just fray
Can't explain
Down the fucking drain
Every day
Even less remain
Can't explain
Live in order profane
Every day wander as if Cain
Can't explain
Alien terrain
Every day
The cerebral stain
Noise of blade in my head ingrained

Try to eat the silica packet
At bottom of the beef jerky bag in my jacket
The world's crumbled and so am i
Get high, get by, I try
To not die, it works on occasion
Unsure when it does no confirmation
Research, catalog card found, pulled it
Apocalypse, fuck the Mad Max bullshit
Feeling like the frog in biology
Given a rock band mic tracheostomy
I spit it like ribbit till I croak
Living in shit still smelling like a rose
That somebody gave me on my birthday deathbed
Everything I say has already been said
Everything I say has already been spat
One large Farva to go make it fast
In a rush to kill all eye floaters
Enough hallucinations sans those Interlopers
Plus boomer shit old people odors
Congress smells like mothballs and foreclosures
Hope they run out of bones and fall apart
Descarte brain fart restart
The guillotine runs on diesel now
Hit the primer, rip the chord, feed the suits to the mouth

Reverse lawnmower
Reverse lawnmower man
Reverse lawnmower
Reverse lawnmower man

Every day wander as if Cain
Can't explain alien terrain
Every day the cerebral stain
Noise of blades in my head ingrained
Every day
Can’t explains
Noise of blades
In my head ingrained

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