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Basic Starkist Lyrics

(Don’t be jealous. This a hit.
Lone I drink my pain. This a hit.)
Alone I drink my pain
In the blankets I dream
Of 2 hours feel like 4
They just wanna know me more
But I don’t
Belong here
Whooshing near me
Crawling nearly here
I miss you tell me why I’m waiting
They see the new me
I’d like to see it
Channel my spirit away from me
Frantically I spin my web
I do not use all I have to give
Life is kinda chill and not chill
I’m sick of breathing people
And bougie ass conversations
Who will watch your kids
Bake your bread
Care about what you’ve said
Bury you when you’re dead?
Lights in the sky
Just stars laying down
Thinking that we were all something now
Can we stay where roads are moving far?
Don’t forget that its supposed to be hard
Bleach in my cup
On my way to buy rope
She been dead 3 years in a row
She knows me
Just how it go
It go ‘way
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