Hey can you put that little thing back down in there?
No, no no, the one below it.

You're just a little up in my face right now...

Oh, im sorry. Am I being annoying?
'Cause you said we'd be done at 10
But its four in the morning!

Look, I dunno how to say this but..
You know what, fuck it. Im gonna say it!

Im fucking burnt out man, its been 6 years every day
That I wake up and come to work to look at your hungover face!
I need some personal space to get away from you screaming!
But every time I turn my back, motherfucker you start scheming!
And take over control of some shit im already doing just fine!
We'd have more subs than Pewdiepie if you didn't fight me every time
I try to take our little baby in a creative direction
Im trying to make art motherfucker, you're trying to find a rhyme for erections!
Im sorry man, no im fucking not! FUCK YOU!
You're second class, that's why I let you run ERB2
You're so afraid to lose, but losing's all you do!
And tonight im not quitting the battles, bitch! Im quitting you!

Quit me, then, you pussy! We'll see what happens
I'll sit back and watch you unravel and revel in pure satisfaction!
Im out of compassion for you and your self-righteous bullshit
Erection jokes, dude? Your whole name means dick!
Im sick of smoothing things out, the same routine
ERB2 is right, im covering your ass behind the scenes!
And then I try to tell you things, but you're too stubborn to understand
Like "Dude, that is NOT a cool way to play Batman!"
You manipulate your friends and then you throw them away
I dunno who you shit on worse: Myself or Dante!
But im not an entree at one of your fancy restaurants
So quit eating up my time picking one of your fancy fonts!
And make a fucking decision so all these people can leave
Excuse me for interrupting Rocket-League and smoking weed!
They got places to be and now they're looking at me!
NiceDiva is my new name for you Nice Pete!

And doink! Nice punchline bro
Your jokes havent grown since you told them in a lunch line, bro
You're an 8 year old boy stuck inside a whatever year old man
Ooh! Look at me! Im EpicLLOYD! Check me out! I can...
Rap about my problems instead of actually solving them
You wanna heal? Ya gotta deal with your issues, 'cause a bottle's not stopping em!

Dont take this battle there, dude! You dont want that at all
Let me guess: right now you're on two beers and a pill and a half of Adderall
And that makes you obsessive and then you fuck up all the fun!
Why don't ya trust the editors and stop changing shit after they're done?

Yo dont try to paint me as some cumpulsive little jerk
If you weren't so cheap we could hire editors that do good work!
Who do you think just...oh, thats real funny, Andrew...

Aw come on! Now what the fuck did I do! (Alrounda Beats!)

Who the fuck left the tag in?!

Lyrics submitted by Jirachibi

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